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Fia Friday: Hair Issue Solved

Friday, March 8th, 2013

The longer Fia’s hair gets, the stringier it becomes. It also gets tangled and she hates hates hates to have it brushed. She also hates anything done to it: pigtails, pony-tails, barretts, etc. It is a challenge to even comb her bangs. Add to that she chews on the ends of her hair.

So I decided to get it cut. I should have done this a year ago. It looks so much better–and it’s so very her!

She sat like a champ while the hairdresser chopped:

She even let the dude blow it dry.  I just love it. In fact, I kinda want my hair like hers.

The day after the transforming haircut our friends Cassandra, Joel, and Laz took us to the Magic Castle (an LA landmark) for brunch. Don’t ask me where Fia has learned to put her hands on her hips, but it’s her new pose.

Then home for a record breaking 3 1/2 hour nap! I think the haircut is actually magical….


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Need Suggestions! My Toddler Is Eating Her Hair!

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Fia’s hair is finally at chewing length. I noticed lately she’s been picking around at her tongue. When I’ve asked her what she’s doing, her reply is, “Eating my hair.”

“No Fia, you don’t eat hair, it’s bad for you,” I told her.

Now I seem to be repeating that sentence a couple times a day.

Yesterday I even saw hair in her poop. I wasn’t on an archeological dig in the toilet. I just happened to notice it while, well, wiping her.

Sure, I can put her hair up in a ponytail, but let’s face it, if you want to find a way to eat your hair, you will.

I’ve heard this is a really bad thing because hair doesn’t digest (as evidenced by my sewage excursion this week).

Can anyone offer me any suggestions? Appreciate it.

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