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I’m Turning Hippie–For a Moment

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Will This Cure Me?

Author’s Note: I wrote a few posts before going to the hospital to deliver. I am probably still there now, getting to know my new baby so  I may be slow in getting back to the comments, but I will soon. Promise.

Okay, so I posted about my irrational pregnancy fears and my oldest friend Kirsten, who lives in Mexico, wrote to me. She had read my blog (what a good friend) and was urging me to try “flower essences” as a way to cure my obsessive phobias.  If she hadn’t been my friend since 4th grade, I would have immediately rolled my eyes. I take a plethora of herbs, but I am also a big believer in modern medicine. As in drugs.

But I got to thinking, maybe it’s worth a shot. Can’t hurt.

So I found myself at the health food store this week buying Bach Flowers based on her recommendations:

1. Crab apple (for obsessing over cleanliness and purity)

2. Mimulus (for fear of specific things…like spiders)

3. Cherry Plum (for feeling like you are about to lose it!!)

It cost me nearly $60 for 3 small vials. I am trying not to think about how much good wine I could have drank. But Kirsten is so passionate about it I didn’t want to let her down (maybe I need a tonic for co-dependency??).

She said the following to me via email:

Seriously if you haven’t been experimenting with Bach essences as a mom…it’s time to!! I don’t think I could have gotten through the last years without them. They are an integral part of my family’s emotional well-being. What’s more beautiful than flower drops to balance out negative emotional states?? They’re subtle but profound…and you can avoid the drugs! 

I happen to like the drugs. But am happy to try and experiment with the natural too. Just don’t think I’m going to advocate homebirth next.

Okay, off to drink….flowers.  Stay tuned for my progress report.

P.S. If any of you are interested in learning more, her email is She does private consultations and all that jazz. She’s a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant too. I can barely spell all that. But it sounds impressive. And having been a life long friend, I know she is the real deal.


Picture of homeopathic medicine via Shutterstock

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Labor Story–Part 1

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Everyone loves a good labor story. Here’s mine. It’s why I have scheduled a c-section for Baby #2:

When you’re pregnant with your first baby, you have 9 months to obsess about your pregnancy and labor. When you’re pregnant with subsequent babies you don’t even have time to obsess about your teeth.

With Fia, I did all the prenatal yoga classes. All sorts of hippy dippy breathing exercises, visualization, chanting. All in preparation for labor.

Long walks with girlfriends would include hours of discussion on whether or not we’d have a doula, a birth plan and most importantly, the epidural. Most of us would say we were going to try and go natural. We’d throw out random dilation numbers. “I think I’ll take an epidural, but only after I dialate to a 7,”  or “I am bringing my giant yoga ball to bounce on so I can work through the pain.” As if I/we knew… True virgin births we were.

Then one day I went for my OB check up. I was asking him what he thought about doula’s, birth plans, etc. He just laughed and said something that stuck with me:

“I think women spend a lot more time and money on the 48 hours of labor instead of focusing on the first weeks and months of being a mom. That is much harder than actually having a baby. ”

He was absolutely right. I stopped researching doula’s and began researching life after baby. I stopped obsessing over the epidural. I began to nest.

Then my due date came and went. Which leads me to part 2 of my story. And why I’m going for the Big-C on January 25th.

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Pregnancy and Drugs–A Good Website

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Just a quick follow up to my follow up (follow that?) on taking Antidepressants When Pregnant. I met a second time with this amazing Reproductive Psychiatrist from NYU. In talking to her, I explained how even though she and many other widely respected doctors have told me the facts, I still easily freak myself out about my decision to stay on my meds. Most of my doubt and angst is directly related to Google.  She suggested this website as a great go-to resource that states THE FACTS on just about any type of drug, drink, herbal concoction—even hair dye–that has been studied in relation to pregnancy. She explained it’s not a fear-mongering site, (like many of them are), so stop googling to save your sanity!

It’s called

Now I will admit, the whole alcohol intake thing on Otis did scare me a bit, because I do have the occasional glass of wine. However, like the study states, they don’t know how much alcohol is too much, thus the reason to abstain completely. They refer to heavy/regular drinking, so I guess that depends on your definition of “regular”. For me, at my doctor’s approval, it’s maybe a glass of wine every week or two–if I feel like it (I often don’t. Well, actually, yes I do). But logically, I think many of us would agree that a glass here and there or an occasional beer is not going to harm a baby. Hmmm…I feel another controversial blog post brewing (thought this subject has been debated to death!) Let me stew on this for a bit! Cheers!


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