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A Fia Doll! Who Would Have Thunk?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

I’m so excited to announce there is a Fia doll… 

…inspired by my one and only, Fia!!

My best friend Suzy Ultman, is a graphic designer and illustrator. Land of Nod approached her with the idea after she did a line of bedding for them.  The doll is inspired by my real-life redhead, (although Fia’s hair is becoming more light brown over time). I’m so proud of you Suz, and am honored to have a Fia doll in the world.

Here’s the whole collection:

 For all your New Yorkers, there will be a Land Of Nod pop-up toy store in Soho this holiday season, featuring the Fia doll (and the others).

Suzy also did this counting book for Land of Nod. It was just released yesterday. Woo Hoo!



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