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Milestone Monday: Decision Making?

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I’ll admit I’m not a good decision maker. At least when it comes to little things like, should I order a margarita or a glass of wine? Should I work out or call my best friend?

Note: I just rescheduled a work phone call for the 4th time because I couldn’t decide if I should write this blog or take the call. It’s maddening.

Big decisions I am good with. Should we move to LA and have baby #2, or stay cooped up in a Brooklyn apartment with snowstorm after snowstorm?

I’m now noticing that Fia seems to be really indecisive. I don’t know if this is just the toddler form of control, or if she is going to grow up hand-wring over stupid little things like her mama.

For example, after she goes the bathroom (mostly on the potty now. Hooray!), she wants to put on her own pull-up. They all have princesses on them. They are all pink. They are exactly the same. She shows one to me. I say okay. Then it goes like this,

“No, I want this one.”

“But Fia, it’s the exact same.”

“No Mama. This one.”

“Okay, let’s put on this one.”

“Nooooo! I want this one!!”

By now we’re on our third carbon copy diaper. By then I’m getting annoyed and just pick one to put it on. The other day she fought me in getting it on, I had to sit on her back (lightly) to pull it up.

She also can’t make decisions on which snack to have: pretzels or cheese sticks? Or shoes: boots or sneakers? And TV: Sesame or Sid? I look like I’m doing some sort of zig- zag/stop-n-go/robot movement as she changes her mind. Sometimes I find it funny, but other times I find it frustrating. When I’ve had enough and make the decisive call, there are moments where she screams and flops.

So what is this? A milestone of control? Is she just messing with me? Or do I have a truly indecisive child? Is there anything I need to do about it, other than exercise patience?

Maybe I just need to pour a glass of wine when it happens. Or a margarita. No wait, I think I want wine. Red? No, white. Well, actually red sounds better…then again, it’s warm outside, so maybe white?????

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