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Fia Friday: Ballerinas in Blue

Friday, August 24th, 2012


When I was pregnant with Emmett, I used to joke that if he ends up being gay, then Fia will have  a sister. (I know, really bad joke.)

But, from the looks of these pictures, I’m on the right track. (Okay, another bad one. Sorry. Trying to keep things light after my rough patch).

Phil went to London for work last week. He promised Fia he’d get her a present. All week Fia and I debated what he was going to get her. She kept coming back to, “A blue tutu for Emmett.” I’d say, “And one for Fia?” “Yes, but mostly for Emmett.”

Well, Da (her word for Dada–in line with the whole British thing) heard her loud and clear.

I will add that right before he got home, she added, “I also want a cat, a dog, and a cookie.”


 Sorry it’s so blurry. But they are constantly on the go!

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