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Emmett Update

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

He Sleeps With Arms Up

Emmett will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Hard to believe. Here’s a quick update:

His eyes are in the clear, but his butt isn’t. His diaper rash has turned into a bacterial infection. I feel like I’ve been living at the pediatrician’s office. After we left the hospital, I had to go back three times for weigh-ins. Then, on the last weigh-in, he had the eye infection. Which led to the follow up today which led to the bacterial diagnosis.

I had been watching his diaper rash like a hawk. And had brought in the big guns: Desitin, A & D, and cornstarch. To no avail. I’m relived actually that I’ve had all these checkups, since I’m not sure I would have recognized the bacterial thing.

So now I have a prescription antibiotic ointment to put on his tush. Hope it clears soon.

I continue to get peed on, almost daily. One reader gave me a tip, and it works some of the time. But a lot of times, he doesn’t pee until well into the diaper change. I try and keep a paper towel over him, but he is such a wiggle worm.

Here’s another thing: no longer are baby wipes allowed with newborns. The docs say that even the unscented ones have chemicals they don’t want. So Viva paper towels, moistened with water, are the new trend. Not sure if this is just an LA/West Coast thing or if everyone is doing this now. I was never told this with Fia. Wipes were fine. I wonder if Viva is somehow sponsoring the doctors? The doctors claim that they are the softest. Anyone else out here getting these same instructions?

Oh–and today is Valentine’s Day. My hubby and I are going on our first date night since Em’s arrival. We didn’t even realize it was V-day until after we booked the nanny. But happy heart day everyone. Em is wearing red to show the love.

He Always Has Frog Legs. Too cute.

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