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Emmett’s Surgery Update

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Am happy to report all went textbook smoothly this morning at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Emmett is now home with some swelling around his eye and some blue dye still draining. But his tear duct is now open. I don’t have to obsessively clean his eye 11 times a day. He is probably more thrilled than I.

When I first got there at the brutal hour of 5:45 a.m., I spoke with the anesthesiologist.  He explained that first they give babies an oral sedative, so they don’t freak out when the gas mask goes on. It makes them fall gently to sleep. But he did give me the option to skip that step and go straight to gas. Thinking the less medicine the better, I said no to the oral stuff. I knew a cousin of Emmett’s had a reverse reaction and became very agitated.

However, that meant either Phil or I had to go back with him to keep him calm when the mask went on. The doctor warned me that he might start breathing really heavy, with his eyes rolling back. He wanted to make sure I could handle it. I quickly elected Phil.  I know my limitations and if I had to, I could do it. But I knew Phil would have an easier time keeping calm.

Phil and Fia showed up at 7 and by 7:30 Phil was back there while Emmett went down. He came back shrugging his shoulders. “He’s fine.”

“But how did it go?” I asked.

“Fine,” he said again. Typical guy response. No details.

About 20 minutes after that the little man was in post-op. That’s when things got a bit ugly and I began to doubt my wisdom of skipping the oral sedative.

What the anesthesiologist didn’t tell me was that the oral sedative often allows them to come out of the fog a little more gently. At least that’s what the post-op nurses told me. Instead, Emmett was a mess. He was screaming, writhing his body around, and crying. His legs kept getting caught in the IV and blood pressure tubing and Phil had to mostly take over and just hold him tight, as I kept losing my grasp. Much of the time Em was doing it in a half-sleep daze, with his eyes partially shut. It took the better part of an hour for the gas to wear off enough for me to take him in my arms. I just brushed his hair with my fingertips and sang him into a deep sleep. Then we went home.

Once awake again, he remained agitated and irritable until he had his bottle. Things started getting back to normal then.

Now he is taking his usual afternoon nap and I’m decompressing. I’m so glad this procedure is over with. I’m lucky it was a simple and smooth operation.  I can’t imagine having a chronically ill kid. Being at a hospital for children gives you great perspective.

 So now he looks like a tough guy. I’ve always said he’s a bruiser. This is proof.

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Diaper Rash War: Miracle Paste?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

My Miracle Paste

Battle lines are drawn–with white creams. Instead of a bulletproof vest, I wear a pee-proof one. Yes, I’m in combat against Emmett’s diaper rash and I’m determined to win.  And I think I am—at least right now. But just like war, I know it can change by the minute/hour. For 3 days we’ve been holding our ground.

All your comments were super helpful. Thank you so much. Now to update  you guys.

Even though I had such angst at the last pediatrician visit, I took his advice and ordered the stomahesive powder and pure zinc oxide from the pharmacist.  I also got a tube of miconazole, which is an antifungal cream for yeast infections.  I had been using Lotrimin (athlete’s foot). The pharmacist told me to switch to the miconazole (and that may be the key to all this, not sure).

I mixed together:

1 part miconazole

4 parts pure zinc oxide

Stomahesive powder until it made a sticky paste (honestly, unless there is something special about the powder I think cornstarch would do the same).

Every diaper change I dab the area where the poop is (I don’t rub) with damp Viva paper towels. Then I put the paste on, followed by a huge dollop of Aquafor.

This is what Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles uses and they swear by it. I think I may too.

I’m using Seventh Generation Diapers so no chemicals.

We’ve been airing him out for about 40 minutes at a time, twice a day.

Here’s the other half of the equation that some of you swore by (@Amanda, @Mariane):

I have cut down quite a bit on my dairy intake. I put rice milk in my cereal and just a small amount of 2% milk in my coffee. A little cheese on my salad. That’s about it from the cow.

I don’t know what is making the difference. Maybe both the concoction and my diet??? But I am happy to report his bum looks so much better.

Consequently, our good friend who is an ER doctor (and helped counsel us on our circumcision decision) has said all along to use pure zinc oxide. People swear by Triple Paste and Desitin, but those are weaker in the zinc amount. And some of this stuff, like Desitin, has a fragrance, which the pediatrician said could make it worse.

I also don’t think Em is pooping as much—which could be attributed to my modified dairy intake. Could also be that he’s 5 weeks old today and his gut is getting more mature. As we all know, it’s such a guessing game with infants, so I’m sticking to what seems to be working.  I’ll plead with my troops to keep up the fight. We will win this war!




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