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Should Kids Wear Makeup? Victoria Beckham Says No….

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

About a year ago I met a woman at the playground. Her 3-year-old was carrying around a purse, chock full of Hello Kitty Makeup. I was pretty grossed out. The mom, who ironically struck me as the hippie type–said her daughter just had a birthday and this was one of her presents. The girl was showing Fia everything before I pulled her away. I left thinking no way will I expose Fia to that crap. I want to preserve her innocence for as long as possible.

However, Victoria Beckham is taking it a step further. In a statement to The Sun, she says the following in regards to her 18-month old girl, Harper:  ”I can’t put on make-up when Harper’s around, because she would join me immediately…”

I guess the glam girl goes without or sneaks in the bathroom to put herself together. I admit, kids are curious about everything you do–including makeup. Fia sits and watches me and plays with my blush brush as I put myself together. She often asks what I’m doing. I tell her that sometimes grownups need to put stuff on their face because they don’t have young, beautiful skin like hers. A few times as I’m putting powder on, Fia pulls out one of my brushes and imitates me. I have let her put some translucent powder on her face before. And sometimes I tickle her nose with my brush. I definitely wouldn’t do lipstick–like Suri Cruise at the age of 5. And Heidi Klum who paraded her 2-year old around with bright red lips (interesting choice, since on the other hand she insists on paying her kids $1 a day to drink a smoothie. Seems a bit ironic, no?). Though I do let her put on chapstick for her dry lips.

The Huffington Post has an article about the Beckham makeup statement, and mentions the other celebrity children (like Suri) and Heidi Klum’s kids.

Anyway, the article posed the question:

What do you think: Should little girls be kept away from makeup as long as possible, or is an early love of cosmetics just harmless fun?

So now I’m asking you guys. What are your thoughts? And what about little boys in this equation. Is it different to let them play with makeup if interested?
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