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Wayne Has Fleas–How To Treat?

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Probably not as interesting or horrifying to you, except I did hear from my vet that this is a record year for fleas. So for all the pet owners: be forewarned. When I took Wayne in, she said they are seeing more indoor cats with fleas than ever before. Ugh. Gross. She also said Wayne was the cleanest cat she ever saw. This, of course, is no accident. The clean freak in me, well, freaked, when I realized all this “black dander” I had been finding on our bed, our couch, etc, was in fact not dander, but flea poop. Disgusting.

I spent the weekend in a sweatshop called my house, armed with a vacuum blowing out hot air and a dryer doing the same.  There were some linens and pillows I couldn’t wash so I at least threw them in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat. That dryer–which is on our first floor that has no air-conditioning– churned non-stop in 100-degree heat. I should have just gone to Death Valley. It would have been cooler. I now feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. A hot one, spewing out exhaust.

I was going to ask you all the best way to treat fleas, but after all that work, Phil found 3 dead fleas and called in the exterminator. The apocalypse is underway. I took the kids to the beach. I am just now posting this with very little purpose in mind since my problem is now solved.

Wayne of course has zero appreciation. But he is now on a strict flea regiment in which I will apply some liquid drops to his fur every month to prevent this from happening again. Ever. I hereby declare him Flea Free. My house is Dirt Free, Flea Free, Mite Free–you name it.

I know I recently said cleaning is better than therapy, but I didn’t mean it in this regard. Really, I didn’t.

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