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Any Suggestions For My Daughter’s Hair Issue?

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Cynthia Roelle, mom to a 2-year-old daughter and award-winning photographer, shares her daughter’s hair issue. Warning: a mullet is involved.

When I read Jill’s blog about Fia’s “Hair Issue” I had to laugh. At least she has hair! What little hair my daughter has is as straight as a pin and as fine as silk. To make matters worse, she has a wicked cowlick that makes bangs impossible. And like Fia, she hates to have her hair brushed. Any sort of bow I manage to clip in she rips out in no time, unfortunately along with clumps of hair she can’t afford to spare.

She’s been follicly challenged since the day she was born. The first time I laid eyes on her I remember thinking: Oh Dear, her hairline starts at her eyebrows. She was born with a whole head of hair, dark, long and silky smooth. But it started low on her forehead, literally, right above her eyebrows, and progressed all around her head, sticking out in every direction and ending in a bitchin’ mullet.

Our daughter never exactly lost her hair but as the weeks went by it seemed to get lighter and shorter. Except for the mullet. At least her hairline retreated from her eyebrows back to a normal position on her forehead.

Not long after that her bald spot started coming on. It spread like wildfire until it consumed the entire back of her head. The mullet, of course, survived unscathed. Without hair, the back of her head looked as flat and wide as a blank billboard.

Eventually hair took hold and her bald patch started to fill in. The new hair grew like a weed until it was neck and neck with the mullet. But while the back and top were sprouting, nothing was happening around her face or on the sides. You are following all this right?

By nineteen months my daughter’s hair was as wispy and flyaway as could be. It was time for her first haircut, if you can call it that. There wasn’t much that could be done but to shape up the raggedy ends and trim the clump that hung in her eyes. There wasn’t even enough hair to save.

That was exactly a year ago this week. Since then she’s had just a couple of trims.

Tomorrow she goes for what I hope will be an honest-to-goodness hair cut. I’m not sure what can be done but I’m hoping for a miracle, or at least some assurance that my daughter won’t be cursed with super sparse hair all her life.

Any way you cut it, I couldn’t have hoped for a lovelier child. She’s just the sweetest thing. And, thank goodness, hair grows.

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