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Baby Wig. How Dumb Can We Get?

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

This is possibly worse than the “baby perfume” that Dolce and Gabbana released this last year. Now a handful of companies are starting to make baby wigs… just in case you were so vain that you wanted to cover up your infant’s baldhead.

I’m not talking by the way, of wigs like this one. Playful wigs are one thing. So are wigs if you have a child going through chemo. No, these wigs give your newborn girl a set of bangs, or a full head of hair. I hate to even encourage you to check out their website.

In a day and age where 6 out of 10 girls give up what they love to do because of poor body image, this is a new low. Yes, let’s begin a girl’s life by changing her look. Granted a baby won’t know enough to feel insecure or self-conscious, but it points to a parent with horrible judgment and vanity. I’m pretty sure the type of parent who thinks their baby needs a wig is the same type to raise a kid with criticism, low self-esteem, and a poor body image. Or the opposite: an obnoxious kid who is so full of themselves and their beauty that failure is inevitable. Just what we need more of in either scenario.

I swear I’m going to move my family to a remote spot in New Zealand to become sheep herders–at least until this country gets smarter. Because with the exception of the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage, this country just keeps getting dumber and dumber…

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