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Top 5 Pregnancy Brain/Irrational Fear Moments–What Are Yours?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

While I’m having a baby pulled out of my belly (not my vag–by choice), I figured I’d schedule a post for fun. Don’t worry, I did this before I went to the hospital. They aren’t allowing me to blog in the Operating Room!

1. Looking for my sunglasses while they’re on my head.

2. Looking for my cell phone while I’m talking on it.

3. Running into a cabinet and breaking my nose (that was my first pregnancy with Fia).

Not a pretty sight

4. Running into a cabinet and giving myself a black eye (that was this pregnancy—a few weeks before delivery. No photo unfortunately.)

5. Irrational Fear of Spiders.

Also: Breaking countless bowls, wineglasses (maybe because I’m bitter since I can’t drink?), and dishes.

Parents did a funny bit on this subject you can link to here. Tell me your best baby-brain moments!

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