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A Great Idea On What To Do With Your Child’s Artwork

Friday, May 17th, 2013

When you have kids, you end up needing a separate house to basically store their upbringing. The artwork, the pictures… you know, all their “stuff.” If you’re at all sentimental, you feel guilty tossing that piece of paper that has a fuschia smear. Especially after they tell you it’s a self portrait. Then the guilt is equivalent to throwing away the Mona Lisa.

Until it’s not.

I thought I had a pretty good idea for all the artwork Fia comes home with. I use it as wrapping paper. That way I’m reusing it and I don’t feel guilty for throwing it away. It’s someone else’s problem. Plus she has fun wrapping the presents with me.

However, we don’t go to enough birthday parties to use up the constant influx of art.

When I was at Mom2.0, I met this great guy Jedd, who created an app for parents that allows them to save their kids’ art in a different way.  It’s called Artkive. Get it? Like archive… okay, I’m babbling.

The app is amazingly simple to use… even a third grader could probably handle it. Which means I can.  You take a picture on your phone (thru the app–which has an icon for the camera) of your child’s artwork, school work, or whatever you want to document. Just take pictures. Like, every piece that comes in if you want.

If you have more than one child, you pick who created each piece, and the pictures then get stored (on their servers, thus not taking up precious space on your phone) with your child’s name, grade and the date.  It’s all in order so that when you’re ready, you hit print and the app puts all the artwork into a coffee-table book that is mailed to you.  Almost no work and no risk of your child finding their art in the garbage. Speaking of, here’s a funny video on the psychological damage done to your kid when you throw their sh-t, err, stuff away.

I wrote a few weeks back about my quandary with photos and what to do with them all. Well you could use Artkive for that too. You can upload anything from your camera roll and then rather than ordering 900 prints a year to go into 9 different photo albums (which is my current system), I can add my favorites to Artkive and get a book made for me. Or, just skip that step and take every picture through the Artkive App on my phone.

Jedd started the company after watching his wife photograph their kids’ art one day. She then uploaded it to her computer and uploaded it from there to a photo site.  She never actually made the book she had hoped because the pictures were all out of order and she didn’t have the time to spend sorting it all out and making a book.  So he created an app that would make her life easier.

What a guy, right? I’m waiting for Phil to hire a personal chef after watching me struggle in the kitchen.

Anywho, it’s a small business enterprise that I just thought as a mom myself was cool and invented by cool people. And hey, Ivanka Trump apparently likes it. Need I say more?


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