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Moving Mid-Pregnancy: I Love Traffic

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I Love Traffic

Author’s Note: Join me every Tuesday or Wednesday for “Moving Mid Pregnancy,” to read about my ongoing search for a new “everything” (from nannies to mom friends to health providers) while pregnant and living in a new city.

You hear so much about the traffic issues in LA. Everyone gripes about it. When I was getting ready to move from NYC to here, that was what most people warned me about. Well here’s my dirty little secret: I dig it. Ya know why? Because I love sitting in my car—ALONE–not hearing Elmo. Obviously, I’m talking about the times Fia isn’t with me. I never take her on a long stretch. No way I’m risking a replay of the barfing baby. My time in the car=time to myself. I listen to NPR or Satellite radio. I talk on the phone (on a Bluetooth, never phone to ear).

And the more traffic the better.  It gives me the perfect excuse to be late. “Honey, traffic is terrible,” I’ll say to Phil. It’s always the truth.

I think as a mom you cherish your alone time far more than you ever did. I mean, isn’t a nice, long, hot shower—uninterrupted– a true pleasure now?  Even cooking has become kind of fun. I can listen to a podcast as I chop away.

What gives you guys your dose of serenity? Maybe you do something I need to start indulging in.  Like grocery shopping. I still dread that, but maybe if I look at it as alone time, I’ll have a different perspective. After all, that’s what parenthood does.

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Just me and fi

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Me and my sweet

Me and my sweet

Hubby is in LA. My sitter got a 9-5 job. In an office (not trying to stir the pot here. Notice I didn’t say she got a “real” job). And I’m thoroughly enjoying having the place to myself. No husband. No sitter. Just me and Fi. Quiet nights of sleeping baby and relaxing mama. No television on. Not thinking about what to have for dinner.

I took her to the zoo today. The one just over in Prospect Park. It’s one of those perfect weather days with no humidity. We spent the afternoon running on trails with fresh mulch and feeding cows and llamas. When I have baby #2 I think I’ll really miss our time–of just the two of us. She is my little angel–albeit a devilish one. I’m trying to relish this chapter as much as I can. I know baby #2 will enrich all our lives. But there will never again be a time of toddlerhood with just me and Fi.

Watching the baboons

Watching the baboons

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