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Post Oscar Night: And The Award Goes To…

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Just a quick note of thanks for all the well wishes on Phil’s movie, Wreck-It Ralph. Despite saying I thought we’d be home in sweats for the Oscars, we did rally and spent the evening at a small party with some of our closest friends.  I was pretty bummed it didn’t win (and frankly really surprised), but only for a couple minutes.

That’s the thing with awards like this. Leading up to it, I really don’t pay much heed to the hoopla. But then the moment before they announce it, I throw myself into the game, hoping and praying.  Then, if you get lucky, like we did at the Animation Awards (it won for Best Screenplay), you get this 30 seconds of pure euphoria; that jumping up and down, high-fiving feeling that comes along on rare occasions in life.

I was sooo hoping for that moment last night. We were squeezing each other’s hands. I couldn’t even look at the screen as the envelope was being opened. My other hand was over my eyes and the words kept repeating in my brain: Come on, say Ralph, say it, say it. Please!!! As much as we’ve both said it doesn’t matter, it is still such a dramatic moment. And you realize in that moment how much you really like–and want--to win. It’s f-cking awesome.  At least for those 30 seconds before life goes back to normal.  But alas, when the words “Brave” were muttered, my heart dropped. Temporarily.

Next time maybe we’ll get those 30 seconds. In the meantime, I will nurse my minor hangover, go to bed early tonight and feel grateful for what’s really important: Two healthy kids, our own good health, a lovely home, and good friends and family. That’s worth a lot more than a few seconds on cloud nine. (But dare I say, it would be kinda fun to have both?)

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