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Milestone Monday: When Baby Turns Toddler

Monday, February 11th, 2013

When I first found out I was having a boy, I kinda freaked. I was so used to the girl thing. Boys seem so rowdy and wild. Fia is a little on the wild side, but a wild girl still seems tamer than a bouncing boy. Obviously I had no choice in the matter and got over it.

Then Emmett came into the world. With a penis. Which meant I got peed on constantly in the beginning. I learned fast. As he grew, his first sounds weren’t sweet little coos. They were more like caveman grunts and groans. I swear once when he was snoring, I looked to see if old man hair was growing out of his ears. He is that much of a boy. 

In the first 6 months our pediatrician told me she has never seen such an “active baby.” At one point she suggested OT (Occupational Therapy) to give him tools to calm down. In the crib we call him Thumper because he lifts both his legs and thumps them down–hard– over and over again until someone comes in.

The thing is, I didn’t do OT or get frustrated because he does all this with absolute glee. He has an energy that is pure joy. He laughs incessantly. He even giggles in his sleep; I want his dreams. He plays cheerily by himself for up to 45 minutes; I want his focus. He cries only if he’s hungry or tired; I want his temperament. And despite his almost constant active state, he is incredibly affectionate. He loves being held. He loves falling asleep on me in the Ergo or being carried around on my hip. He loves to burrow. He is my little koala bear. And he’s delicious.

Then there’s his beauty. Deep set blue eyes, a wide brow, olive skin, and an angelic face. He is the kind of baby where I get stopped in the street. “Where did you get him? I want one,” they say. But there is only one. And he’s mine.

Phil says I shouldn’t brag about his looks. But I’m not bragging because it’s more than just his appearance. It’s his whole being. He makes old ladies laugh and shop clerks smile. The beauty of being Emmett is he spreads his spirit. He radiates his golden energy from the inside out. Truly. I am smitten.

So now he’s 1 year old. We made it through the first year and came out laughing on the other side. And since I’m now a veteran mom, I know what’s coming. I know it only gets better and better.

Fia’s my girl. The connection to my soul. Emmett’s my boy. The connection to my spirit. Together they are the connection to my heart. Both have a vital force that sustains me, keeps me grounded, and reminds me what’s important in this life. Both are giving me the honor to share this journey with them.

Happy Birthday, Emmett and Welcome to Toddlerhood.

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Fia Friday: Baby Brother Turns 1!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Today is my darling boy’s 1-year birthday. Wow. I have lots of thoughts, but will write them down next week when I have a moment (like I did when Fia turned three). Right now I am cleaning up crumbs from a great cupcake celebration just with our family and Phil’s brother who is visiting. Figured I’d post these pictures really quick while they are napping!

Happy Birthday Baby Bubsy! We are so glad you joined us in this world. The journey of your first year is complete. You are pure joy. And a beautiful birthday boy at that.



And because we can’t forget about the Fabulous Fi… here she is, captured in mid-thought. I just love this picture. I feel like she looks so grown up!

This was earlier in the week on a jog with Emmett… the fresh air always puts him fast asleep.


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