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Wayne Sanchez–The Biggest Loser

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

He's So Svelte!

I may be more excited about this news that when Fia took her first step.

I took Wayne Sanchez to the vet today to get his travel papers for our upcoming move. He has lost, (drum roll please) 4.3 pounds!! I mean, for a cat that was 18.6 pounds, that is nearly 25% of his body weight. I hereby declare Wayne Sanchez:


I had the vet weigh him on 3 different scales to be sure. I even went as far as to ask if it’s possible his morning poo weighed 4 pounds. I simply couldn’t believe that just by cutting down a little bit on his dry food over the past year could cause that weight loss. I haven’t had that kind of luck with past cats.

Of course I still couldn’t carry him in his Sherpa bag, so he rode to the vet in the stroller while Fia was in Spanish class. When I picked her up, Wayne went in the basket underneath and we all strolled happily home. In the rain. On the cracked sidewalks. Me pushing about 50 pounds of weight. Him yowling. Fia fussing.

He is in the Sherpa Bag--In The Stroller

Have I mentioned that I’m a bit burned out of city living? That I’m so excited about having a house and yard and car in LA? Which leads me to my latest NYC working mom theory

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Milestone Monday: Potty Training and Pooping (Just Not in the Potty)

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Wonder What Elmo Thinks of This??

We haven’t started officially potty training yet. But we did buy the little toilet. Glad I made the purchase, since Fia loves to throw her little Sesame Street figures in it. When Elmo hits the bottom of the bowl, the toilet thinks she pooped. And out comes a tune. The “Pooping Elmo,” I call it. Maybe Hasbro wants to talk to me. I may be onto a great new marketing strategy.

At any rate, I figure with the L.A. move this week, potty training is the last thing we need to deal with.  Especially since last night the following, um, “event” occurred:

I sometimes take Fi’s diaper off, close to bedtime, just to let her “air out” a little bit. I call it our “Buns free, watch me pee” time. That’s because at least a few times a week, she stands next to the potty and watches her pee cascade down her leg onto the floor. Last night, she became an overachiever and took it a step further.

As I was heating up her bottle, I heard something rare in our house: silence. When your toddler stops making noise, you know something is going on.  I slowly turned around, scared to see what mischief she was up to, only to find her lifting one leg (like a dog), crapping on the floor. I shrieked. She laughed. Then, thinking this was a fun game, she began to step in it. I rushed over and grabbed her, aiming straight for the shower.  But she somehow slid her butt down on my pants. So I’m literally covered in chunks of her s—t. (Is that too graphic? Sorry, but it’s the truth of motherhood).

I’m happy to say we both survived the s—t show. And in my true clean freak self, I scrubbed the floors with rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area (and scrubbed us both down as well—with soap, not alcohol. I’m not that bad). But this doesn’t make me particularly excited about potty training.  I’m sure this is chapter one of many.

I know you all have your poop and potty-training stories. This was just my entrée into this exciting, smelly world. So let me hear them. We all need to add some humor to our Monday, right?

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Running a Marathon at 38 Weeks Pregnant? That’s Just Plain Stupid.

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I’m a marathoner. And I have a baby. But running 26.2 miles while pregnant? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t do it at any stage of my pregnancy.

It’s being reported all over the place: the woman who ran the Chicago Marathon this weekend at 38 weeks pregnant, giving birth hours later. Sorry folks, but I think that’s just plain stupid.

The year and a half before I got pregnant I ran Chicago, Boston and New York. It’s not like you wake up and decide to run a marathon. There is extensive training involved. I’m going to take a wild leap here and guess that she trained throughout her entire pregnancy. Which means running in excess of 18 miles on a fairly regular basis in her 3rd trimester. No doubt about it, she put her body through some extreme stress.

Look, I’m all for staying in shape during your pregnancy. I ran through a decent deal of my first pregnancy. But more like 3 miles a few times a week. I ran slow, and took it easy.  No sprinting. At around 5 months I just decided to stop running in lieu of long hikes combined with lunges–which are low impact. When I asked my doctor about running hard, he said, “Why have a baby bouncing around in there like that? It just doesn’t sound like a great idea.” And I agreed. It seemed well, dare I say, logical??

Yeah, I know, baby seems fine. Yeah, I know, she did a run/walk, finishing in 6 hours and 25 minutes (that’s about a 15 minute mile).  But I think common sense should intervene on this one.

Forget the science. You are carrying a baby, not a bowling ball. This living, breathing thing is being sloshed around in your belly like a ship caught in a storm at sea. Who thinks that sounds like fun? As someone who gets massively seasick, not I.  But it goes beyond that. When you become pregnant, priorities naturally have to shift. Or at least they should. And in case she doesn’t know, some of these sacrifices continue for the next, oh, 18 years.

Lastly, don’t forget, this was a choice. She wasn’t forced to flee from her burning village or walk 26.2 miles to a refuge camp. She made a conscious decision to do this. I truly think she was putting her own needs (and maybe those of the spotlight) in front of her baby on this one.

I just hope she is equipped for the marathon of motherhood. And the sacrifices that follow.

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Fia’s 22-Month Milestones

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Fia’s latest milestone is chatter. It is so damn cute I can hardly stand it. At 22 months, she is almost saying complete sentences. She also makes me realize all the grunts, groans and words I use. I’ll clear my throat. She’ll imitate—hmmm didn’t even realize I cleared my throat.

She also says the word “sure” super enthusiastically.  She says it to a lot of things. If she’s in a “sure” mood, Phil and I say things like, “Fia, do you want to wipe Wayne’s nose?” “SURE!” she says. “Fia, do you want to mop the floor?” “SURE!”

I swear, when you have a baby, you don’t need to pay for entertainment. They provide it for free.

She’s very specific when it comes to “no.” She says it in such an emphatic way; it cracks me up every time.

She is still trying to master jumping. She can’t quite get both feet off the ground yet, so she kind of shuffles them both and jumps with one leg, all the while saying, “jump jump jump.” Again, hilarious.

I love hearing her little voice.  And seeing all these small, but significant milestones.

We finally got some of them on video. Must remember to capture all this.

Would love to hear some of your funny milestones with your babes.

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Why Is My Child Having Separation Issues Now?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

My sweet, sad girl when separated

Fia has been a champ when it comes to sitters. I credited it with my superb parenting skills. Having never been a parent before, I’m not sure why I thought I was so brilliant, but I had this theory: by exposing her to a lot of different people from the newborn stage on, she would be used to different caretakers and be okay when I wasn’t around. So what happens to babies at 21 months with their separation issues? Or is Fia just a late bloomer? I thought this was an issue much earlier on in their development. I was feeling relief for dodging that bullet.

Now, anytime one of her sitters walks in, she starts wailing. Real tears and everything. It blows. They tell me as soon as I leave she is fine, and I believe them. But why such angst? I also just enrolled her in this Spanish playgroup thing.  It’s from 9-noon twice a week and I drop her off. It’s not that she cries so much after I leave. It’s more the clinging and whimpering that happens while I’m still there. She knows I’m going to go and gets herself all worked up. Once I’m gone, the teachers say she recovers quickly. But I don’t understand why this is happening now.

I work from home, so my schedule is flexible. Phil also works from home. So we’re probably around more than most people. Could therein lie the problem? Is it possible that the lack of a sitter schedule/routine is throwing her into turmoil? Would I be better off not having the sitters so irregularly and instead when we move to LA find a part time playgroup like the Spanish thing so there is some consistency? Or is this just a phase she will work through?

I await the wisdom of you who have been here before.

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