Em’s Curls Are Out Of Control

Em has a new curl today.

I pointed it out to Phil. He chuckled but didn’t really look at it.

We had gymnastics this morning and I actually showed it to his coach as he was lifting Emmett up to the rings. The guy is amazing with kids and is always cooing over Emmett (I am sure every parent there thinks the same thing about their kid too). But the coach doesn’t have kids. His chuckle was more in that, “Okay lady, it’s cute but whatever,” way.

I am definitely the most annoying person there.

But I swear I’m not trying to brag on him or get attention. I just want everyone to understand what Emmett’s curls do to me. I want to shout it from the rooftops. I want to proselytize. “PLEASE EVERYONE, LOOK AT THIS HEAD OF GOLDEN RINGS! CAN YOU BELIEVE SUCH DIVINITY EXISTS??” His curls are my salvation as his hair runneth over.

Sometimes they are big, loose curls:

Other times they are afro-like in their tightness:

Yes, his smile is infectious, his personality exuberant. He giggles in his sleep. But these curls, these curls– I swear they take me to my knees. Maybe because I have had poker straight hair my whole life. But it’s more than that.

They swirl and twirl in perfect harmony. They define him: devilish and angelic all at once. I can’t stop touching them, smelling them, watching them. My curl obsession transcends all reason. But I love this particular obsession. No need for my hypnotherapist on this one.

I think only other moms will understand the warm, visceral feelings of amusement, elation and love that come over me when I find a new ringlet. Only another mom understands the power his curls have over me. Well, Samson would understand too. He would also know why I never want to cut them.

I feel the same way about his dimply, pudgy fingers. I just don’t have as much to say about them. Unlike his hair which is constantly changing, his fingers remain the same. Super fat and wide from the base to the dimpled knuckle. All mush. Perfect to gnaw on. I can’t get enough of either.

 How does something so simple as a new strand of hair or a dimple on a thumb send me soaring? I don’t know, but sometimes this mom thing takes me places I never thought possible.

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