Em Is Out To Lunch, Literally

This may be the most relaxing lunch date I’ve had in a long time.

After spending the morning at a playspace with my friend Jill Simonian (and blogger of The Fab Mom), we took our four kids to lunch. 

I’m not sure why all our kids were so well behaved, but it truly was one of my more civil experiences. And when things got really quiet, I looked to my left and there was Em, sound asleep. In his broccoli pasta.

The most active kid can fall asleep anywhere. In fact, he continued to sleep as I walked two blocks to the car, holding him and Fia in 100-degree heat. Then he slept through the transfer to the car seat in a sweltering 200-degree car, the ride home, and yet another transfer into his crib. He also continues to prove as energetic as he is, his attitude is purely laid back.

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