Finding The Perfect Bubbles

Fourth of July is almost here. The question is: Have you found your bubbles yet?

Emmett is obsessed with bubbles. I secretly am too. But so many of the bubble guns, etc always break. I have filled up a landfill with plastic crap that produces three bubbles before conking out. So in my quest to find the perfect bubbles, I stumbled upon a great find. A plastic tennis racket thing. It’s brilliant. Forget fireworks, these are way more fun.

I found it while attending an event my friend and fellow blogger, Jill Simonian of The Fab Mom, put on recently. She hosted a luncheon for moms and tots, called “Littles Who Lunch” at The Americana in Los Angeles.

It was to benefit the charity Operation Smile (as well as kill a few hours in our day with the babes). Her husband is a plastic surgeon at Children’s Hospital and also volunteers for the organization. Their mission is to provide free surgeries for cleft palates and other facial deformities for children around the world.

I stopped by not knowing what to expect.  I had no idea it would end up being the highlight of mine and Emmett’s week/month–maybe even year.  Give the boy balls, bubbles and balloons and boom. We’re done. Give me some good food and bubbles and my mid-life crisis can be averted.

We walked onto the lawn and there were balls everywhere. He took off shrieking.

But then it got better. A balloon artist was there. Cue more shrieking. (Hard to get the picture of him running and screaming without making a scene, but trust me, my dude is a screamer.)

Then I saw the pools. Full of bubbles. And wands. We both dashed towards it.

That’s where I discovered the tennis racket thing, among other wands. I think the key is getting the solution right too. I have found in my research that Gazillions of Bubbles tends to work the best. Plus there is a thick wand that produces, well, gazillions of bubbles. No batteries needed, thus no need to fill a landfill.

Anyone have a perfect bubble-making device? Let me know. Forget world peace. This is the crucial stuff that keeps me up at night. I truly believe no one can have too many bubbles. Happy 4th everyone.

 Look! He’s a bubblehead:


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