A Must-Have Thermometer

A few weeks ago Fia was sick. I snuck in her room and felt her forehead. She was burning up. I woke her and attempted the forehead thermometer. But I have found that unless you have a really high end one (like a $300 kind that pediatrician’s use) they are highly inaccurate. It registered a mere 106 degrees. While my heart attack was in progress, I did it again. The second time around it said 103. Whew. Now I only had to have a stroke. Then we did a rectal one and it was 104. I know those are accurate. So I relaxed (kidding).

In my frustration over thermometers I started searching for something better. I came across this new one that I think is revolutionary. It’s called VeraTemp.

Not only is it accurate, but you don’t have to touch anything to get a reading. I can sneak in and just point it at her forehead. Boom. It registers a number. I can see how hot her room is by pointing it into the air. It only takes a few seconds. And it doesn’t make noise if you won’t want it to. I have found the readings to be far better than the ear or forehead ones.

I don’t do formal product reviews but I just thought this device was too good not to share. If you Google it, you’ll come up with a bunch of places that sell it, including diapers.com. 

By the way, what the hell did our parents do? Did we grow up having rectal thermometers put up our butts? Until what age?  I try doing the under tongue thing with Fia and she doesn’t get it. But she freaks out if I try and do a rectal. Good thing she was born in 2009 and not 1969 like her mama…


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