My Sorrow For Those in Oklahoma…

Once again, the news is just too much to bear. A tornado rips through a small Oklahoma town, destroying neighborhoods and plowing down an elementary school. At this point in the search and rescue, 20 children are confirmed dead, many still missing. At least 51 people have perished, with that number expected to rise.

How to cope? How to handle such grief? We saw the Newtown massacre, and our hearts broke and bled. We heard from the Newtown moms this week–on Mother’s Day–as we pondered the question: how do you go on? And while the circumstances in the town of Moore are far different, our grief remains the same: Those poor parents. Those poor babies. That poor community.

As I tucked Fia in tonight, I felt how precarious and precious this life is…how so much of it hangs in the balance, with fate tipping the scales. I thought about how blessed I am today. How cursed I may be tomorrow.

As we lay in the dark, her tiny arms wrapped around me, she said, “Mama, don’t ever leave me, okay?”

“I won’t,” I whispered as I inhaled the soft scent of her hair.

“And I will never leave you,” she said happily, as if we were two girlfriends making a secret–but lighthearted–pact. If only life were that cut and dried. That easy.

I know that nothing in this world is a guarantee. But what I would do for one to protect my babies…

All I can do is hope. Hope that by the Grace of God, Fia and I can both keep our promise.


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