Have You Ever Forgotten Your Child?

Dear lord, what is happening to my brain?? I’ve been insanely busy and barely keeping my stress level to a pre-freak out level.

The day after I posted the pics of Emmett being buried in a box, I almost did something even more neglectful.

Phil took my car to run a quick errand. I was taking Fia to a birthday party. I needed to leave and he still wasn’t back. Emmett was upstairs sleeping.

I look outside and see his car. Duh, I think.

“Fia, we can go. We can take Daddy’s car!”

She was coloring and kept doing so.

“Come on Fia, wheels up! Let’s go!”

She stops coloring, looks up at me, and says,

“But Mom, what about Emmett? We can’t leave him by himself.”

Silence. More silence. Then me: “Oh yes, silly mama, of course we can’t leave him! Hahahee (fake laughter).”

To myself I think: You are FIRED from motherhood. Then…Thank God My 3-Year-Old has her sh-t together.

I mean, benign neglect (that I wrote about) is one thing. BUT ALMOST-LEAVING-YOUR-KID is quite another. Phil came home shortly after. I didn’t mention my asinine train of thought. He doesn’t regularly read my blog, so I think I’m safe. I certainly don’t want him firing me, too…

But seriously, what the f–k is up with my mom brain lately? I have heard of moms leaving their kids before by accident. I can actually see how that could happen, as crazy as it sounds. I have got to get it together. I refuse to be that mom.

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  2. by Kim

    On May 2, 2013 at 11:15 am

    I forgot my son was in the car after running his sister to preschool one morning. Got the keys, coffee, locked the car, walked 2 feet and reached down to get his hand. When I realized he was in the car still he was cackling. Apparently Mommy was hysterical.