Fia Friday: Halloween and more…

Just a fun, light post of our Halloween here in LA.

We had friends who came in from Brooklyn for the Wreck-It Ralph premiere and got stuck because of Hurricane Sandy. More kids=more pumpkins to carve!

Yup. That’s Fia’s Dad (below). My husband. Looking, well, very Jack White.

Our friends who actually loaned us our costumes! John, Henrik and Jenny Strauss.

Fia at her preschool Halloween party with friend Cece…and her little brother Emmett the cutest pumpkin of all!

She was a butterfly….



With best friend Teddy comparing candy bags…

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  1. by Sherry Huang

    On November 12, 2012 at 9:54 am

    So cute! Love Fia’s and Emmett’s costumes. Can’t believe how much Emmett has grown…