Emmett’s Weight Loss–Kind Of

Okay. It’s worse than it sounds. Emmett hasn’t actually lost weight. But he’s gone off his curve a bit.

When he was diagnosed with reflux about a month ago, we put him on Zantac. At that point his weight was in the 30th percentile. Two weeks later, at a follow up appointment, he had jumped into the 50th percentile. So it came with great surprise today at his 4-month check up that he has dropped into the 28th percentile and fallen off his curve.

I asked her to double check the numbers. He gained a pound in a month but he should have gained more I guess. He is 13 pounds, 12 ounces. He is super happy and incredibly active. So much so, she did say that he might be burning up more calories than the average 4-month old, thus not keeping his weight up with the curve. Nevertheless, because of his reflux issue, she was a bit concerned.

She also put him on his stomach and said he should be lifting his head up more. This is a boy who was ahead of his game at 2 months on his tummy. But then he developed the reflux and tummy time kind of went out the window. Apparently it shows. Thing is, he’s uncomfortable on his stomach and he barfs.

All this to say, I got quite discouraged. Between the visit and my angst over reading Bringing Up Bebe, I am doubting my mom instincts. We have no schedule–day or night. He isn’t staying on the curve. Yet he seems so damn lively. He rarely cries. He coos constantly. I mean, to what extent do I worry? She suggested I try a little rice cereal on a spoon to see if he is ready for solids. Perhaps that way he can put on some weight and keep the milk down. Okay, I can try that. But she also suggested an occupational therapist to see if he is sucking properly. Perhaps he is sucking down too much air, she said. Honestly, I am rolling my eyes.  Does that seem a bit extreme? Seriously? I think he is doing just fine. As for the lack of schedule, she also said not to worry too much. Sleep training? Don’t think about it until 6 months or so. I should be relieved that the pressure is off. But I’m not.

This is why I hate going to the pediatrician. All the information is contradictory.

With Fia, my Brooklyn doctor said no rice cereal. It’s bland and boring. Introduce flavors. I did and she is an adventurous eater, though not a big one. Her weight gains are small, though they are on the curve. They said sleep train between 2-4 months. We did it at 4 1/2 months and she sleeps like a champ. They said get on a schedule (though I never really mastered that until 18 months). However, they refused to give her Zantac and I know she had reflux. I was so frustrated in becoming a human burp cloth that I gave up breastfeeding with her at 4 months. So who to believe?

In the end, I know Emmett will gain weight, stop barfing, sleep through the night and get on a schedule. Especially if I commit to making those latter two happen and experiment with his feedings a little more. But I’m still sitting here debating if I really need an occupational therapist. I mean, the kid sucks like a champ. It sounds like a giant waste of time.

This all seems more complicated than it needs to be. I am a veteran at this. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

Have I made your head spin? Mine too.

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  1. by Cassia

    On May 31, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    H is my 2nd. Due to complications, my mom did most of the newborn stuff with my now 6 yr old. H was 6 weeks early and is now 12 weeks old. The dr. considers him 6 wks though. Anyway, My daughter was 8 wks early. She took Zantac, but I think it made her sicker. My mom ended up giving her little tastes of Mylanta. That worked better. H has been fine so far. I watch my gassy foods & take Beano a lot. It helps a lot with gas & I think that might be why he doesn’t have the reflux problem. Not much tummy time yet, since he doesn’t like it. He cries & I can’t deal with that. (I think I’m getting side-tracked). I guess if he’s fine and not sickly, you shouldn’t worry too much. As long as he’s keeping food down. My dr doesn’t like rice cereal either, but doesn’t want me to introduce foods for a while yet. …and the Occupational Therapist is probably friends with the Pediatrician. LOL

  2. by Grace

    On May 31, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    Jill, Jesse barfed all the time. the doctor said he didn’t have reflux but in my heart I felt he did. he was uncomfortable and I walked around with burp cloths 24/7. he hated being on his tummy. he was uncomfortable. he was happy all the time though and he’s grown into an even happier, healthier kid. every doctor is going to tell you something different. I say stick with what you did with Fia – veggies and fruit at first. but I think I would maybe wait till about 6 months and see if he outgrows the spitting up. both my guys started with mashed banana, then avocado, the sweet potato, cereal came after. have you tasted that cereal? it’s cardboard.
    you’re doing everything right. he’s YOUR baby and you can read him better than anyone!

  3. by Nancy Lee

    On June 1, 2012 at 8:03 am

    And how can an O.T. teach a 4 month old to ”suck right”? Skip that specialist and carry on just the way you are.