Fia Friday: We Survived Vacation

Well, we did it. The four of us took a road trip (read about the prep).

“Fun” is a relative word in motherhood. But even so, yes, it was fun. Not to be confused with relaxing or restful. Especially the last day–ill-planned–that put us in the car for 6+ hours in the desert heat. My poor babes were such troopers.  All that matters is we survived and that yes, Fia had fun. And we had fun watching her have fun. That’s how I think I’ll define vacation from now on. (Em just chilled…)

Getting Ready To Roadtrip

In line at Disney

On Dumbo with Dad


Lunch Break!

Cooling Off at Hotel


Emmett Poolside


Joshua Tree at 102-degrees

Begging Fia to sleep on car ride home....Nope.

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