Fia Friday: Ready for Baby Brother

She's Ready For Her Brother!

I went on a mad dash last weekend and got all the bells and whistles for Baby L. We weren’t planning on a second baby, so I gave all my stuff away long ago.

I did it all through this great website out here called the Booby Brigade. (It’s private, so you have to sign up for it. I don’t have a regular link to give you.) Anyway, it’s about 1500 moms, mostly on the east side of LA, sharing tips, setting up playdates, giving away and/or selling items, looking for items, etc. It’s the same sight I used to find my nanny, Cleo–who is like the mother I never had. 

For $75, I got in nearly brand new condition: A Fisher Price Swing, an automatic bouncy seat, a snap and go stroller, a tummy time mat with a tent (so he can be in the yard in this beautiful weather but not have the sun on him), a mobile, and a few other great must-haves.

One woman sold me her Bumbo Chair for $4. I came home and sanitized everything (of course) then Fia and I explored all the new toys.

She sat in the chair and it brought back memories of almost 2 years ago when she was barely 4 months. She was so little…Mind blowing.


This Picture Makes My Heart Hurt....

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  1. by Sherry

    On January 20, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    I LOVE these two photos of Fia in the Bumbo – especially mini Fia!!