Top 8 Reasons Why I’m Excited About Baby #2

Fia torturing Wayne

1. Wayne will have another baby to smother him.

2. I’ll have another baby to smother/obsess over besides Fia.

Smother Mother May 2010

3. Fia will have something besides Wayne to smother.

4. Fia won’t blame me someday for not giving her a sibling.

5. In four months I’ll appreciate sleep even more than I do now (because he’ll sleep through the night by then, right?).

6. We get more chaos in our life.  Keeps things interesting.

7. I get my vag back intact from my “condition”—and my spider veins will go away. Promise me that. (um, no picture for that one!)

8. I get to nap with a newborn. Warm and snuggly.  Nothing better. Maybe Fia will even lie down with us. Heaven.

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