Fia’s 22-Month Milestones

Fia’s latest milestone is chatter. It is so damn cute I can hardly stand it. At 22 months, she is almost saying complete sentences. She also makes me realize all the grunts, groans and words I use. I’ll clear my throat. She’ll imitate—hmmm didn’t even realize I cleared my throat.

She also says the word “sure” super enthusiastically.  She says it to a lot of things. If she’s in a “sure” mood, Phil and I say things like, “Fia, do you want to wipe Wayne’s nose?” “SURE!” she says. “Fia, do you want to mop the floor?” “SURE!”

I swear, when you have a baby, you don’t need to pay for entertainment. They provide it for free.

She’s very specific when it comes to “no.” She says it in such an emphatic way; it cracks me up every time.

She is still trying to master jumping. She can’t quite get both feet off the ground yet, so she kind of shuffles them both and jumps with one leg, all the while saying, “jump jump jump.” Again, hilarious.

I love hearing her little voice.  And seeing all these small, but significant milestones.

We finally got some of them on video. Must remember to capture all this.

Would love to hear some of your funny milestones with your babes.

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