Babies on Board First Class

Flying first class is a treat. Who wouldn’t love to do it? But unless you have miles or elite status on the airlines, you pay a pretty penny. And for most of us, it simply isn’t worth the cost.

Recently two airlines decided to ban babies from first class.  More are considering it. And the polls in both these highlighted arguments are strongly in favor.

In my pre-baby days I would have absolutely 100% applauded this decision. And I must say, I agree with it 90% now. I mean, if I paid thousands of dollars for a ticket and had to contend with a screaming infant, how could I not be furious? (there is a tiny part of me that thinks, “But what if she were really good on the flight? But it’s not something you can predict.)

Fia has been on about 30 flights so far. Every family member is a plane ride away and my husband’s work often takes him to LA for chunks of time. So she’s even made the cross-country flight twice. But she was smaller–about 6 months. And slept most of the way.

Now, at 19 months, it is simply not fun to fly. I dread it.

If you are bold (or oblivious, or unconcerned) enough to think first class is your “right”–even with the chance of your baby melting down–then I have two suggestions:

  • Should your child act out, be willing to trade your seat for someone in coach. I find bulkhead to be pretty great, because you can put a blanket on the floor and let them crawl a bit, without kicking the seat in front of them, etc. It may even calm them down.
  • Divide and conquer with your spouse. One of you sits in first class with the baby. The other in coach. If your baby begins to scream or fuss, then take him to the back. At least this way you’re covered.
One of our better flights

One of our better flights

We were at a family wedding this weekend in Wisconsin. Babysitters were hired. There was a woman there with her 2 1/2 year old, who started screaming during the vows. She let him continue on through most of them.  Then got up (she was in the front row) and dragged him by one arm all the way out. As if it wasn’t already a bad enough scene. I just don’t get it. Why punish the rest of us when there are options? (And for the record, wed had the same babysitters at the rehearsal dinner and had no problem leaving her child with them. So it wasn’t a matter of trust).

I think this sort of behavior is incredibly rude and self-centered. Having a baby opens your world in so many ways, though as we all know, it also comes with some sacrifices. Being aware and considerate of others, even if it’s an inconvenience, is one of them.

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