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A New Book Series From a Popular Comic Strip Author

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Assistant Researcher Krista Hojnowski recently found a great new chapter book series for kids. She writes:

Being a huge fan of the comic Pearls Before Swine and its creator Stephan Pastis, I had super-high hopes for Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made. And, right from the opening lines, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed: “It’s harder to drive a polar bear into somebody’s living room than you’d think. You need a living-room window that’s big enough to fit a car. You need a car that’s big enough to fit a polar bear. And you need a polar bear that’s big enough to not point out your errors.”

Readers follow Timmy and his sidekick/business partner, Total ( a very lazy, very hungry Polar bear—just go with it) through the daily ins and outs of running their detective agency, Total Failure, Inc. They have big plans to take take the agency worldwide, but first they need to hone their skills on a more local level. Cruising around town in the Failuremobile (a Segway—again, just go with it) to investigate cases, Timmy and Total run into people and situations that may delay their business scheme for global dominance. Black and white illustrations appear throughout the pages and give the book a comic strip feel, but it’s best for kids in the 8+ age range.

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