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A Challenging Puzzle

Friday, April 12th, 2013

It’s rainy, gray, and just kind of blah here this morning in Western Massachusetts. Which somehow got me thinking about puzzles. Maybe because it feels like the kind of day to stay in your jammies, enjoy a cup of coffee, and work quietly and patiently on something—like one of the Puzzle Stix from Ceaco.

This isn’t your standard jigsaw puzzle. Actually, it’s not standard at all. Rather, there are 42 thin, colorful wooden sticks (hence the name stix) that you need to put together to make the picture—one side cats, one dogs. It’s a different kind of challenge, one that our testers and I really enjoyed.

Enjoy your weekend. At my house, we’ll be heading to the boys’ lacrosse game, to a friend’s for a bit of Magic, and probably enjoying a movie. More on that next week.

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Cute Puppets

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

We first wrote about Puppet-on-a-Stick in our February 2013 issue. Since then, a new set of four creatures has swum onto the scene—The Sea Squad. Kids pull a lever on the stick to make the ocean-dwelling friends move their mouths (if you can call them that!). I’m particularly fond of the octopus, but Bob the Clam is right up there!

For more fishy fun, try making our faux fish tank.

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Kids’ Boredom Busters: Art Supplies

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained for a few hours? Maybe it’s Spring Break, maybe it’s yet another snow day (as we’re expecting here tomorrow, ugh!), or maybe you’re just simply looking for something new. For this week’s blog posts, I’ll be featuring great boredom busters I’ve recently found.

Art supplies are always on the go-to boredom buster list. But finding good quality materials in a kit for a reasonable price can sometimes be harder than, well, drawing a family of stick figures. The Do Art: Art Collage kit from Faber-Castell has everything I look for in a craft kit—and then some. Sixty sheets of colorful, good-quality paper; a few textural elements such as lace and burlap; two types of glue; and—wait for it—scissors that actually cut! (For those of you who purchased lots of craft kits, you know that can be a rare thing!) But maybe what I like best is the instruction book, which really doesn’t include instructions at all. Rather, it introduces kids to collage, talks about materials they can use (both from the kit and found items), gives examples of types of collage, and then turns them loose to use their imagination and creativity. Perfect.

You can also check out our picks for great educational toys.

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