Fun LEGO Website for Families

Our friends at LEGO have a great website for families,, which is chock-full of building directions (a Brickinstein and Brickzilla!), games (blindfolded building), and news and events (such as fire safety tips for Fire Prevention Month).


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A Hauntingly Good Book Just in Time for Halloween

Who knew how expressive ghosts could be? In 100 Ghosts, author/illustrator Doogie Horner takes the classic Halloween haunt and turns it into a book full of clever, often LOL funny, permutations. Some of my faves: Russian Nesting Ghost, 8-Bit, and Grumpy Cat.




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Peg + Cat: Fantastic New PBS Show

FamilyFun’s Research Chief, Beth Honeyman, is our guest blogger today.

Premiering on PBS Kids on October 7, Peg + Cat (tap link for video) features a pair of winsome title characters: spunky, enthusiastic Peg and her purple feline pal. Together the two tackle problems both big (how to re-coop 100 escaped chicks) and small (finding a friend to join their pie picnic), all as the show deftly incorporates mathematical concepts in entertaining ways. My kids, ages 3 and 5, and I caught a sneak peek of one episode, and we adored the show’s whimsy: the talking cat, the catchy tunes, and Peg’s oversized reactions (“I am TOTALLY freaking out!). As a mom, I especially appreciated how Peg + Cat encourages young viewers to persevere and figure out their own solutions.

Check your local TV listings for air time.

Courtesy of (c) 2013, Feline Features LLC

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Best Books for Kids

The New York Public Library just announced their list of 100 Great Children’s Books. Their picks are a great mix of picture books (Don Freeman’s Corduroy) and chapter books (Matilda by Roald Dahl). I count 74 books from the recommended titles that I’ve read with my boys. Full disclosure: I was a children’s librarian before I became an editor at FamilyFun, so some may consider that cheating! How many have you and your kids read?

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Great Back-to-School Gear

The kids are settled at school (whew!). But, if you’re like me, you’re realizing you still need a few supplies. Check out our picks for lunch bags, backpacks, and more.

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