Exclusive: A New Elmo Toy for 2014!

We’re excited to host the exclusive unveiling of the newest Elmo toy– Let’s Imagine Elmo. Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor at our sister magazine Parents, got a sneak peek and is our guest blogger:

Elmo is wearing many hats this year! During an Elmo the Musical segment and on episodes of Sesame Streetour furry friend dresses up as a new character each show, taking off on music- and math-filled adventures. In the toy aisle this fall, Hasbro’s new Let’s Imagine Elmo plush will play different games depending on which of three hats kids place on his head: a sea captain’s hat cues Elmo to play a “Sounds of the Sea” game; wearing the cowboy hat makes him play a “Countin’ Cowboy” game;  and donning the crown results in “Prince Elmo Says.”  The toy we got to preview was still a prototype, but it seems like the hats are easy to fit onto Elmo and that a child can goof around with setting them on his own head.

At 13 inches, Let’s Imagine Elmo is smaller than last year’s Big Hugs version, but is only two-thirds the price: he’s $40 and geared for kids ages 2 to 4. And he has all of his usual charm—even without a hat, he reacts with joy when tickled, bounced, or playfully squeezed.

As with all the previous talking Elmos, Let’s Imagine Elmo will require batteries (four AAs) and will be sold at all the major toy outlets this fall as well as hasbrotoyshop.com. Elmo loves the holidays, and we suspect little Sesame Street fans are going to love this toy!

Last fall, Elmo and Murray stopped by the Parents office to film a video series with us entitled “Sesame Street Lessons.” Here’s one of the videos:

Sesame Street Lessons: Getting Along with Friends
Sesame Street Lessons: Getting Along with Friends
Sesame Street Lessons: Getting Along with Friends

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