A Challenging Puzzle

It’s rainy, gray, and just kind of blah here this morning in Western Massachusetts. Which somehow got me thinking about puzzles. Maybe because it feels like the kind of day to stay in your jammies, enjoy a cup of coffee, and work quietly and patiently on something—like one of the Puzzle Stix from Ceaco.

This isn’t your standard jigsaw puzzle. Actually, it’s not standard at all. Rather, there are 42 thin, colorful wooden sticks (hence the name stix) that you need to put together to make the picture—one side cats, one dogs. It’s a different kind of challenge, one that our testers and I really enjoyed.

Enjoy your weekend. At my house, we’ll be heading to the boys’ lacrosse game, to a friend’s for a bit of Magic, and probably enjoying a movie. More on that next week.

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