New Book from Pseudonymous Bosch

The popular author of the tween mystery books, Secret Series, is missing! At least that’s the premise behind Pseudonymous Bosch’s newest title, Write This Book: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery. To help find the missing scribe, kids are encouraged to finish writing the tome. And that’s where the real appeal—and innovation—come into play. Through a variety of puzzles, games, and activities, readers become writers and, hopefully, learn a little about the writing process as they go.

Some of my favorite examples:

  • Random Writing Tip: When in doubt, insert fart joke. Suggestions: What do you call a writer who doesn’t fart in school? A private writing toot-er. (Ok, maybe I like this tip because I have three boys!)
  • Pseudo-assignments, including Snoop Training: Pretend to be a first-time visitor in your home. What things stand out? What can you conclude about the people who live there? Write a list of observations and hypotheses based strictly on what you see, not on what you already know. (My house? You would find lots of lacrosse gear, homework stacked on the kitchen table, and a mostly empty jug of milk in the fridge.)
  • Procrastination Pages: Take three months off. Tell everyone you need to “recharge.” Creativity requires rest. (Hmmmm, maybe I need a vacation…)

Watch for more on Write This Book: A Do-It-Yourself Mystery in an upcoming issue. And for more

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