LEGO Add-ons

Research Chief Beth Honeyman writes about a LEGO piece that no LEGO-loving home should be without:

LEGO and DUPLO represent a nearly endless world of possibilities for young builders, but that very lack of limitations can pose its own challenge. My 2- and 5-year-olds enjoyed the classic toys from the get-go, but transforming loose bins of blocks into their own designs didn’t come easily. With the help of a few building plates, however, LEGO love now reigns supreme. The sturdy plastic surfaces give my kids a stable base and

large—but comfortably contained—space on which to unleash their imaginations’ creations, whether that’s “the tallest tower ever!” or a combo zoo/farm/apartment complex. They’re also a terrific add-on to any LEGO birthday gift, encouraging kids to craft new constructions long after they’ve completed a set’s instructed build.

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