Disney Infinity Sneak Peek

Assistant Researcher Krista Hojnowski got a sneak peek at a new video game system from Disney Interactive, Disney Infinity. She reports:

I love the graphics and interactive elements of Disney Infinity. The game utilizes real world collectible figurines and a 
base to activate play (something familiar to fans of the popular Skylanders video games).

Players take on the roll of their favorite animated Disney stars (think Sully, Jack Sparrow, and more) and are transported into the gaming worlds of Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Incredibles. As the game advances, you collect new characters, vehicles, gadgets, and more and store them in your virtual Toy Box. Players can then use these items (and their imagination, ‘natch) to create their own original, unique stories and adventures using any combination of characters, surroundings, and objects from across the Disney Universe.


My picks? Captain Jack driving Cinderella’s carriage across Halloween Town while decorating the landscape with a toilet paper launcher. The game launches in June and will be available on all platforms, tablets, and mobile phones.

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