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See the Fashion Show With All Lingerie-Clad Pregnant Models!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

We’ve seen the occasional pregnant model on a high-fashion runway as a one-off stunt—and that’s pretty cool. But one fashion show this weekend took the pregnant-model casting to a whole new level: Every gorgeous model in the show sported a baby bump!

Part of Lingerie Week, the fashion show hosted by luxury maternity underwear brand You! Lingerie brought a parade of pregnant models to strut their burgeoning bellies on the runway.

“We love to be playful, we don’t take ourselves [too] seriously,” You! founder Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger said at the show in a YouTube video on the VIVEKaterin channel. “It’s just celebrating motherhood. It doesn’t have to be drab; it doesn’t have to be boring colors. I think that we love the bright colors because it’s all part of all uplifting moms’ spirit—expectant moms, breastfeeding moms. That’s what we do.”

Beyond that, she said, “I like to tell people it’s one-part lingerie, two parts ego booster… When you’re pregnant, you’ve just had your baby, you’ve gained some weight, you’re not necessarily feeling your best, not feeling your prettiest. When you’re wearing very pretty lingerie underneath, it gives you that extra oomph.”

We agree!

See footage from the show, as well as comments from Okebie-Eichelberger in the YouTube video.

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Photo courtesy of You! Lingerie

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Hot Mamas! Pregnant Lingerie Models Hit the Catwalk

Friday, August 16th, 2013

You! Lingerie Maternity Line at Lingerie Fashion Week in New York CityFashion Week has long been synonymous with super-skinny models who are in major need of a hamburger—or any meal for that matter. So I was so psyched to see that You! Lingerie hired fierce, full-bodied pregnant women to show off their sweet and sexy line of skivvies at Lingerie Fashion Week in New York City.

The mamas-to-be worked the runway in You! Lingerie’s Spring/Summer 2014 line of maternity and nursing wear. As they strutted their stuff dressed in bright yellow, turquoise and purple bras (with discreet nursing clips) and panties, the expectant models wore nothing else but six-inch hot pink stilettos and the occasional thigh-high stocking. Talk about making a fashion statement!

Not only is You! Lingerie proving maternity underwear doesn’t have to be frumpy, the brand is also showing that pregnant women can still be babes in the boudoir (which of course we ladies already knew—but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes!). I love that the line filled with delicate bows and lace celebrates a pregnant woman’s curves and brings out all of those super-feminine feelings you have when you’re having a baby.

But even the most confident of women can have a maternity meltdown now and again, feeling supersized when you would much rather be funsized. So seeing these ladies in all of their pregnant glory is a nice reminder to embrace your new shape. You’re more than just a baby-making machine—you’re smokin’ hot! And don’t you forget it!

TELL US: Do you think wearing sexy lingerie is a waste while you’re pregnant, or does it make you feel sexy when you need an ego-boost?

Image via You! Lingerie’s Facebook page.

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