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Snooki Says Pregnancy Is “Gross” and “Disgusting”… Is It?

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Snooki pregnantFormer Jersey Shore star and mom of two Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is not known for her subtlety. And she certainly flew her unfiltered flag in a recent interview with Fox411, in which she said that her now-out-in-paperback book, Baby Bumps, reveals truths about carrying babies that most people don’t talk about. “A lot of the books don’t tell you the truth like you’re going to pee yourself, how disgusting pregnancy is,” she said. “But in the end you have a child so it’s all worth it but the whole pregnancy is just gross.”

Now, a lot of people will read that and chalk it up to the ramblings of an uncouth reality star. As for me, I’m no great defender of Snooki, but I give major props to any star mom or mom-to-be who is willing to tell truths about this whole wild pregnancy journey, warts and all. When a parent in the public eye is willing to be upfront about personal experiences, it can really be a source of support and strength for the rest of us who might be going through the same things.

If there’s one thing that makes me nuts about the whole adventure of pregnancy (apart from the phrase “ready to pop”) as well as of labor and delivery, it’s the suggestion that women who say anything faintly honest about a negative or painful experience should shut up because it means they don’t have sufficient gratitude or perspective on their healthy children. Can we just acknowledge the complexity of the experience? My goodness.

I’ve pointed a few times on this blog and elsewhere on to the fact that pregnancy was a challenge for me. Specifically, in the third trimester, I when I was so physically compromised as I carried my twins to full term. I had to pee so many times that it was a joke—a joke made more cruel by the fact that walking to the bathroom felt like running a marathon. My acid reflux was so bad that the rising burning in my throat would wake me up as soon as I fell asleep. I chewed Tums like Tic Tacs. Truly, I grunted like an animal when I moved around the house. It was really a savage sight to see, and rather unpleasant to experience.

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So yeah, Snooki, I’m with you: Being pregnant certainly can be gross and disgusting! Let’s call a spade a spade.

Even when it is, of course, it’s a means to a very special end. And for that reason, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. And given that Snooki went through the experience twice, she obviously feels the same!

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Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom. She’s also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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The Biggest Celebrity Pregnancy News of 2014

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Jwoww vagina cakeAs the year comes to a close, I’m reflecting on all the big things that happened (I’m sure are all of you as well!). The biggest for me, of course was the birth of my precious boy-girl twins in July after a sometimes arduous pregnancy. It’s a year I’ll never forget!

Around the celebrity media world, too, it seemed that big news was breaking weekly—and it’s fun to take stock of all those stories, from heartwarming to thrilling to downright wacky. So come along with me as I look back on what I think were some of the biggest celebrity news stories of 2014. (And as with my picks for the top pregnant celebrities of the year, please know that there’s no science behind this list—it’s just some good fun!)

The rise of the vagina cake: Oh yes, this was very much a thing this year. At her baby shower, Christina Aguilera had a pretty raunchy vagina cake. But never one to be shown up, former Jersey Shore star JWoww had not one but two of them at her shower, thanks to pal Snooki!

Blake Lively’s pregnancy style: In terms of maternity style, this star’s looks—whether street style or red carpet—are absolutely the talk of the town. First, there was the breezy mixed-pattern outfit she wore in photos when she posted the big announcement on her website. Then there was the body-con pale yellow Gucci gown with plunging neckline. The girl cannot lose.

The year of nude bump pics: Is there a pregnant celeb who didn’t pose for nude bump photos this year, from Instagram selfies to high-fashion glamour shots? Kourtney Kardashian posed for DuJour, Kelly Rowland for Elle, Alicia Keys on social media…

Jill Duggar’s speedy bun in the oven: The 19 Kids and Counting star wasted zero time to get pregnant following her wedding in June. She announced her pregnancy on August 20, even before clearing the first trimester. We knew the Duggar family is all about being fruitful and multiplying, but even I was surprised with how fast this pregnancy happened!

Eva Mendes carrying Ryan Gosling’s baby: When people heard this bombshell news, hearts broke all over the world. Rumors proved true and the star indeed gave birth to what will probably turn out to be the most gorgeous human in the history of the world (apart from my own babies, of course).

Kate Middleton’s second bump: I don’t know about you, but I’m far from over all the royal baby hoopla—even the second time around. The effortless grace of the Duchess of Cambridge, her impeccable maternity style, her celeb-studded visit to New York, even her acute morning sickness—they’ve all been such fascinating details to follow.

What did I miss? Tell me your favorite celebrity pregnancy news story of 2014?

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Rosie Pope's Style Tips for Mom-to-Be
Rosie Pope's Style Tips for Mom-to-Be

Alesandra Dubin is a new twin mom, as well as a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Snooki

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JWoww vs. Xtina: Whose Baby Shower “Vagina Cake” Was Better?!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

We have a showdown, people. A vagina cake showdown.

You may recall that Christina Aguilera had a rather raunchy anatomical cake at her baby shower this summer. (Who could forget?) And now, we have new photographic evidence of not one but two vagina cakes from former Jersey Shore star JWoww‘s baby shower, thanks to pal Snooki!

Snooki, who also just welcomed a new babe, was responsible for making the cakes—and tweeting out photos of them. In the pics, one cake features a full-size naked Barbie doll in a splits position, with a head emerging from the area where the vagina would be if Barbies had vaginas. The icing lettering spells out “Push Jenni Push!!!”

Shop for cute baby shower supplies!

The second cake was, shall we say, a bit more graphic, with a baby doll head springing bright eyed and headband clad from what appears to be a close-up look at lady parts rendered in pink frosting and chocolate sprinkles (see photo, above).

Just to refresh, Xtina’s cake was decorated with the image of a woman giving birth on a rug, explicitly showing the baby’s head emerging from you-know-where, with the words “Push Xtina, push!”

Obviously — and much to my chagrin — this vagina cake trend for baby showers shows no sign of slowing down.

So weigh in: Which celeb’s cake took the cake?

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter/Snooki

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See How Snooki’s Helping Her Son Bond With Her Baby

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Snooki will be giving birth to her baby daughter any day now, but big-brother-to-be Lorenzo is already getting close to his little sister. The former Jersey Shore star posted this adorable picture of Lorenzo bonding with her bump. The cute caption? “Lorenzo summoning sissy to come out.” And based on media reports that Snooki’s having a tougher go of it with this pregnancy, I bet she’s hoping sissy comes out STAT!

I know how hard it can be for a big brother or sister to be excited about a new baby—we spent months prepping our oldest, and there were definitely some growing pains when her little sister came home. (Though fortunately, they’ve been thick as thieves for a long time now!) I hope Snooki’s little Lorenzo makes an easy transition to his status as big brother.

Tell us: How did you prep your older kids for a new arrival? Did you have any jealousy issues going on with your older kids? And how did you manage that?

Read up on the best ways to prepare your older kids for their new sister or brother—and how to manage life with two (or more!). To keep up on the latest pregnancy news, you should like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook—and sign up for one of our pregnancy newsletters!

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What You Need to Know About Birth Order
What You Need to Know About Birth Order

Image: Snooki and Lorenzo, courtesy Instagram/Snooki

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Celeb Baby Shower Bonanza: Snooki, Jwoww & Chelsea Clinton and More!

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Stars—they’re just like us! And that means that when there’s a baby on the way, they celebrate in a big way. Recently, Chelsea Clinton, Savannah Guthrie, Snooki, and Jwoww shared the details of their baby showers—how do they compare to your celebration?

They picked elaborate themes. Snooki’s shower featured a grand “Great Gatsby” theme, and she (and several other guests) sported fascinators and flapper-esque ensembles to fit with the party.

They invited the guys. Former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea’s husband Mark Mezvinsky both made appearances at Chelsea Clinton’s celebration.

They hired entertainment. Jwoww’s shower featured a drag queen emcee to keep the crowd entertained.

The gift opening happened elsewhere.Chelsea Clinton’s shower featured lots of celebrating, but the mom-to-be took home her bounty and opened the onesies and strollers in the privacy of her home.

They turned a “sprinkle” into a full-on fete. In the past, moms-to-be usually saved lavish showers for their first-born, with very small (or no) celebrations for future children. But perhaps Snooki’s part of a trend to celebrate every baby’s arrival. (And really, doesn’t every baby deserve a party?)

They planned a menu perfect for the mom-to-be. Chelsea Clinton’s gluten-free menu meant she could enjoy any of the goodies offered at the celebration.

They asked their guests to provide gifts for those who really need them. At Savannah Guthrie’s totally cute shower guests were asked to bring one book for her baby, and one to be donated for those who may have a harder time stocking their bookshelves. Because let’s face facts: Savannah can probably swing a pretty nice stroller.

Tell us: What made your baby shower special? If your party’s still in the planning stages, check out our Baby Shower Planner for inspiration.

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Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2
Baby Shower Ideas: Spa-Themed Party for Mom Expecting Baby #2

Image: JWoww & Snooki at JWoww’s shower, by David Ragsdale/Courtesy of JWoww

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