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Which Grey’s Anatomy Star Is Pregnant?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Looks like fact and fiction are gelling quite nicely for Grey’s Anatomy’s star Sarah Drew. Her character, April Kepner, just announced her pregnancy with hunky husband (and fellow doctor) Jackson Avery in the season finale last spring, and now Sarah just shared the same big news in real life—she’s due in December.

This will be the second baby for Sarah and her husband, Peter Lanfer, who already have a two-year-old son, Micah Emmanuel. (more…)

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Ginnifer Goodwin’s Baby is Kicking Up a Storm!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

One of the most exciting moments of being a mama-to-be is when you feel your baby kick for the first time. Even though the novelty may wear off, as the baby starts to move more and more, the amazing connectedness you feel definitely doesn’t. But at times all that fetal movement can be downright shocking. How can a baby be so active inside such cramped quarters?!

I know when I was pregnant I joked that sometimes it felt like my son was salsa dancing; other times playing soccer. Well, Once Upon a Time’s Ginnifer Goodwin described her inner-bump bounces by announcing on Twitter, “Presently there are Cirque du Soleil rehearsals being conducted in my womb.” I think we can all relate to that feeling!

Ginnifer, who’s thought to be around the 7-month mark (though she and costar-fiancé Josh Dallas have not confirmed that), has had her pregnancy written into her hit show. So while their characters Snow White and Prince Charming will be expecting their second child together, Ginnifer and Josh will be preparing for their first.

Josh told Good Morning America, “As we saw in the first part of the season, Snow White confessed some secrets to her Prince Charming. She wanted to have another baby. If you saw Ginny now, you would know that hiding the baby bump is going to be difficult so Snow White and Prince Charming are just going to have another baby.”

Unlike pregnant Kerry Washington, who has to wear form-fitting suits while still concealing her bump through creative camera shots on Scandal, Ginnifer told her Twitter followers that Snow White’s cloaks are so spacious that she “can fit a baby AND ace-bandaged ice packs under those royal muumuus.”

Though the cute celeb couple is private, Ginnifer and Josh’s romance played out in the media because they’re costars. In April 2012, they announced their relationship one year after the show’s premiere, then revealed their engagement in October 2013 and their pregnancy in November 2013, through social media. “It is true! There is a bun in my oven! Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart and bump for your loving support. #JoshDallasIsMyBabyDaddy #OverTheMoon,” Ginnifer tweeted.

It looks like these two are getting their fairytale ending in real life too!

TELL US: Where were you the first time you felt your baby kick?

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Image of Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas courtesy of Feature Flash/Shutterstock.



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Is Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy Ruining Scandal?

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Talk about must-see TV! On any given Thursday night at 10 pm, your butt is probably firmly planted on the couch watching one of the most buzzed about shows on TV, Scandal (and if it isn’t, it should be!). Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is just the coolest, most brilliant and powerful badass who has ever walked in Louboutins. She runs (or at least fixes!) Washington, and she looks fantastic while doing it! What’s not to love?

When I heard Kerry Washington and her hubby Nnamdi Asomugha were pregnant, I was so excited. Love her! Love her wardrobe! She’s just going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever, I thought (and she’s proving me right!). Then I started to think, How will this affect the show? Will Olivia have a love child with the President? Or will they choose not to add the pregnancy to the plot, and she’ll just be at her desk a lot, or carrying really conspicuous file boxes in front of her at all times?

Well, now I know the pregnancy will not be incorporated in—which I’m fine with. But, sadly, Kerry’s surprise pregnancy means a shortened Scandal season. Say it isn’t so, ABC! Unfortunately, it’s true. In order to work around Kerry’s pregnancy, the network has decided to cut the season by four episodes, from 22 down to 18.

According to TVLine, “The actress’ spring due date would’ve made shooting those final four episodes next to impossible (and, according to sources, writing Olivia out of the show for an extended period of time was not an option.)”

In the end, of course I want Kerry to take things easy. Filming those super-intense, drama-filled scenes can’t be easy on her or the baby. The spring can’t come soon enough! Hurry up and have that baby, Kerry, so we can have our beloved Olivia back!

TELL US: Are you bummed Kerry’s pregnancy means less Scandal this season?

Image of Kerry Washington courtesy of s_bukley/

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Pregnancy Scandal? Kerry Washington is Having a Baby!

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

As if Scandal beauty Kerry Washington wasn’t glowing enough already, now she really will be—she’s pregnant with her first child! Us Weekly reports that it can exclusively confirm the actress is four months pregnant (so she’s in her second trimester!) with San Francisco 49ers football star, and new hubby, Nnamdi Asomugha. The two married June 24 in a hush-hush ceremony in Hailey, Idaho, so it’s no surprise the stealthy actress, who plays the master of cover-ups and spins on her hit ABC show, has also been able to keep her pregnancy top secret.

The super-stylish mom-to-be has been concealing her baby bump under loose-fitting designer dresses for months. Now, I can’t wait to see how she dresses her growing bump. She’s going to look so cute in maternity wear! If anyone can pull off mommy chic, it’s Kerry!

Then there’s the question of how they’ll handle her real-life pregnancy on Scandal. Will she be holding lots of important file boxes in front of her belly? Be sitting behind a desk for tons of scenes? Or will she have an unplanned pregnancy with the President of the United States? So many questions!

For tips on dressing your growing bump, check out this.

TELL US: What maternity dressing tips do you think Kerry Washington should know?

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Image of Kerry Washington courtesy of Shutterstock.

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