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Naughty, Naughty! Parents-to-Be Busted Having Sex in Maternity Ward

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Knowing that life would change forever on delivery day, I had many things on my before-baby to-do list. Evidently, one expecting couple in the U.K. had a pre-baby to-do list, too — with an item that was a tad bit racy!

A soon-to-be-mama and her partner at a hospital in Bristol decided to use the time waiting to be induced for a last-hurrah in their hospital room.

According to the Daily Mail, a hospital cleaner heard what she described as moans from the room, discovered the pair having sex, and reported the news to her superiors — who reportedly essentially told her it was NBD. (I mean, we all know how babies are actually made, right?)

Maybe the parents-to-be were hoping to bring about labor naturally so that a medical induction would not be necessary. (Sex is frequently rumored to help trigger labor, though there’s mixed support for the claim.) Or maybe they just wanted to have one last bit of couples’-only fun before a new baby in the picture changed the nature of the game.

Either way, we say — you go, hot mama!

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Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester
Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester
Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester

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Nick Lachey Dishes on “Creative” Pregnancy Sex!

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

In an interview last week with no-holds-barred Jenny McCarthy, Nick Lachey got plenty honest about his sex life with a second baby on the way.

McCarthy asked the singer bluntly if he’s currently having sex with his pregnant wife Vanessa Lachey, and he came right out with it.

“You get to this point, you’ve got to get very creative with your positioning,” he said in the interview, recapped in Us Weekly. Do tell!

“[But] I’m not sure she’s that comfortable right now with much of anything, including sex. It’s been an uncomfortable time when you get into the last month and a half,” he said. And he’s sure not kidding. As I’ve written here before ad infinitum, I was so enormous in my pregnancy that even getting into bed was royally uncomfortable — and that was just for sleep! Because of the delicate situation carrying multiples can frequently be, and because I had a very generous amount of fluid, my doc kiboshed sex around 26 weeks.

Lachey then went on to give specifics: “It was my birthday weekend this [past] weekend though, so I did howl at the moon a couple times.”

That’s a photo from Nick’s big day on Vanessa’s Instagram. She captioned the snap: “Happy Birthday My Love.” But this far along in per pregnancy, there’s one present she may not have given him!

Nick’s not the first one to break it down. See the results of the pregnancy sex survey we conducted among readers and prepare to blush. You dished on libido, fantasies, and yes — those creative pregnancy sex positions!
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Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester
Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester
Pregnancy Sex Tips: Fun Sex in Your Third Trimester

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Whoa Mama! Pregnancy Sex Confessions Revealed

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Come on, admit it: Who hasn’t heard stories about how crazy (crazy-awesome, that is) pregnancy sex and libido can be… and how different from the before-baby-on-board boilerplate?

Well, we’re pulling back the bedroom blinds to expose what really goes on in the sack (and pretty much anywhere else!) while couples wait for baby: We have the results of a recent survey in which our readers dished, ahem, candidly on their pregnancy sex life.

And we can guarantee that no matter your experience with pregnancy sex—whether it was out-of-control amazing, or totally ho-hum—you’re far from alone.

Ready for a tease (er, so to speak)? Read on…

First of all, 46 percent of you saw your sex drive skyrocket. And among that group, some ‘fessed up to going buck wild in the craziest of places—like in a Target fitting room (talk about hitting a bull’s eye!), in a doughnut delivery truck (the doughnut-hole jokes write themselves)… or in an ob-gyn’s office (hey, you gotta make that waiting-room time count, right?)!

A small minority, 2 percent, even made sex tapes to document those hot moments.

From wild fantasies (you’ll never believe the awkward sit-com character that inspired one reader’s pregnant daydreams), to using sex to stimulate labor (as a whopping percentage of readers did!), you’re going to want to read the full story to get all the hot details from this no-holds-barred survey. Check it out:

Pregnancy Sex Confessions: Swinging, Threesomes, Amazing Orgasms, and More!

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Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?

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Claire Danes on Filming Sex Scenes While Pregnant!

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Who doesn’t love a steamy sex scene, especially when it’s on an awesome show that always keeps you guessing, like Homeland? Well, the show’s star, Claire Danes, for one—at least during pregnancy!

According to Claire the most uncomfortable scenes to film pregnant were the sex scenes (which I imagine would be incredibly awkward to film even at your skinniest weight, and without all those lovely gastrointestinal issues that come with being pregnant!). “At the very end, I was a month and a half shy of popping, and I was doing a romantic scene,” says Claire, during a roundtable discussion for The Hollywood Reporter. “And Cyrus was really active. It was late at night, it was after dinner, and [my son] was going crazy in my belly. It was like he was protesting on my husband [Hugh Dancy]’s behalf or something. That was hard!”

Claire shared that filming while pregnant with her now-17-month-old son was the most physically demanding job of her career. “I was pregnant for the second season of Homeland, and as my baby progressed, the show got more action-packed,” she revealed. “At one point, we were shooting in an old sewage factory. I was kidnapped, I was chained to a pipe, it was 4 a.m., I was 7 ½ months pregnant, and I was like, ‘This sucks.’ At one point, the baby was on my sciatic nerve, and I was charging down the halls of pretend Langley.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just reading that! As tough as it was for Claire, though, having to power through long, physically-demanding hours with no sleep sounds like the perfect boot camp for motherhood!

TELL US: What’s been the most uncomfortable thing you’ve had to endure while being pregnant?

Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?
Pregnancy Sex Tips: What's Up With Your Sex Drive?

Image of Claire Danes courtesy of S_Bukley/Shutterstock.

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Which Stars Aren’t Getting Any Pregnancy Sex?

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Pregnancy sex can be a bit of a tug-of-war. Most men think it’s creepy to be getting it on when there’s a baby on board. Meanwhile, pregnant women’s hormones are at an all-time high, making their sex drives even greater than usual. While I was pregnant, I thought I finally knew what it would be like to be a man: I thought about sex all of the time!

Unfortunately for two pregnant celebrities it seems their husbands’ need to do the deed isn’t as strong when she’s with child. Kristen Cavallari recently told Fit Pregnancy that her football player husband, Jay Cutler, is weirded out by pregnancy sex. “Sex is funny when you’re pregnant,” said Kristin. “Guys get weird about it. I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ and he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”

Her advice to women in the same boat? “It’s important for women to realize—if your guy is a little weirded out but isn’t good at expressing that, it can be isolating.” She also says that taking baths together and a little sexy lingerie can help smooth things over.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett can relate. In a recent blog for People, she confessed her hubby Hank Baskett has refused to have sex with her during the third trimester. In true TMI form, Kendra wrote: ‘I’m round, tired, grouchy, smelly and horny! Why would he want to touch me?!. When I cough, I either fart, pee or cramp!” Totally gross, but totally true! Lots of things become out of your control once you’re pregnant—including bodily functions.

But it’s not all bad news, ladies. Some men seem to get even more turned on when a woman is pregnant, like Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell’s husband. She said on an episode of Conan that he loved pregnancy sex because, “he felt like he was with a completely different woman.” She went on to say that it was like “legally cheating.” “I was also involved and he kind of got a freebie that didn’t hurt anybody’s feelings.”

And apparently Dax isn’t alone. Angelina Jolie told Entertainment Weekly that pregnancy sex is “great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative so you have fun.” And Jessica Simpson confessed to Ryan Seacrest that when she’s pregnant her sex drive is unstoppable. “The Big O is, like, the biggest O ever,” she said (I agree that pregnancy sex can be some of the best sex ever: Read this).

Only time will tell how you, your body, and your baby daddy will feel about pregnancy sex throughout your pregnancy (it could change from trimester to trimester and your sex positions will likely need to change, too), but please promise me you’ll try to push negative thoughts out of your head about how big you’ve gotten and how if your guy isn’t into pregnancy sex, it’s because he doesn’t find you attractive. That is so not true! More often than not, the guy just feels like he and his enormous manlihood could somehow harm the baby, or that it’s the same as having sex in front of your kid after he or she’s born. So just talk to him, calm his fears, and get busy. You know you wanna!

TELL US: Are you and your guy on the same page with pregnancy sex, or does one of you want it more than the other?

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