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Kim Kardashian Wants HOW MANY Kids With Kanye West?

Friday, January 17th, 2014

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and rapper-fiancé Kanye West are in love with 7-month-old daughter North. Since having her, she’s practically all they can talk—or Instagram—about (and who can blame them, she’s a total cutie!). So the big question is: How many kids will Kimye have? Kim recently addressed that on Ellen, explaining that having Baby North has changed that answer for her. “I’ve always wanted about six (like her mom),” said Kim. “After having North, I would have a million!”

Hold up—before Balenciaga starts mass-producing designer onesies for Kim’s humongous clan, she went on to say she’d have a million if pregnancy wasn’t so hard. “I wouldn’t really wish [my pregnancy experience] upon anyone. Anyone,” she said. “It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that. But pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all!”

This isn’t the first time Kim has spoken out saying pregnancy isn’t as easy breezy as some moms make it seem. While pregnant, she told Entertainment Tonight, “I wouldn’t say that it’s been easy,” she said. “When people say pregnancy is fun and they love it, I would have to disagree. I think it will become easier, but it’s…a little painful…it’s an adjustment.”

If you believe the rumors, Kim would like to get pregnant—and married—this summer. According to Us Weekly, a source has told them that Kim wants to be expecting by June, and be a pregnant bride.” Kim has already confirmed she and Kanye plan to be married in July. The source adds: “She’s hoping for a girl next, then a boy.” I guess we’ll have to wait to see what she wants the other nine hundred thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven to be! LOL.

Images of Kim Kardashian via Instagram.

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Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?
Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?
Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?

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Is R&B Singer Ciara Secretly Pregnant?

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

After new performance photos of Ciara hit the internet, fans stopped talking about her hot R&B single, “Body Party,” and instead started talking—and tweeting—about her supposed baby bump. The hip-hop beauty, who has been in an exclusive relationship with rapper Future for about a year, has always been in tip-top shape, and usually wears clothes that show off her flat abs and killer curves. So Twitter blew up when photos of her dancing on stage seemed to outline a very rounded belly. To add to the “Is she? Or Isn’t she?” questions, the usually scantily-clad singer was conspicuously wearing a loose leather top and matching black leather pants with a plaid shirt tied around her waist (to cover something up perhaps?!—not her usual sexy stage look by any stretch).

This isn’t the first time Ciara’s been plagued with pregnancy rumors, however. In November 2012, she was supposedly having rapper 50 Cent’s baby. NOT TRUE! So should we really believe the bump watch hoopla now? Well, whether Ciara has a baby on board or not, Ciara and Future are definitely in that honeymoon phase of love. They recently had each other’s initials tattooed on their hands, and Future told Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez that Ciara is “the one.” Aww.

Rewind to January, and Ciara—a total romantic—sweetly told Us Weekly that the only thing she fears “is not having a family, kids and love,” and that she wants twins “when I’m ready.” So the question is, Are the rumors true? Is she ready for those twins now?

TELL US: Do you think Ciara is really pregnant this time, or is it just another internet rumor?

Plus: These 13 signs could tell you you’re pregnant (even before a test) and take our quiz to find out if you might be expecting.

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Is Beyoncé Preparing for Maternity Leave?

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Hip-hop radio stations and blogs are blowing up with news that Beyoncé is working overtime, having filmed four (yes, four!) music videos in the past two months in order to have the videos—shot in Miami, New York, London and Paris—roll out to promote her upcoming album while she focuses on getting pregnant and taking maternity leave next year. A cootie patootie sibling for Blue Ivy!? Yes, please!

Sure, we’ve heard false Bey pregnancy rumors before, but this could be legit (fingers and toes crossed!). The Queen B is a total professional, and a bit Type-A, so it makes perfect sense that she would want to do the responsible thing and support her album even if she was taking time off for mommy duty part deux.

After all, she told Good Morning America in May: “I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister. At some point, when it’s supposed to happen [it will],” the Grammy-winning singer said with a smile. So it sounds like it’s supposed to happen next year!

She also shared in her HBO documentary, Beyoncé: Life is But a Dream just how much she loved being pregnant, describing it as “falling in love.” “You are so open,” she said. “You are so overjoyed. There are no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you.”

But Mrs. Carter hasn’t had the easiest road to motherhood. She famously revealed in the same doc that she had a miscarriage before having daughter Blue Ivy. “I was pregnant for the first time, and I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life,” she said. “I picked out names. I envisioned what my child would look like, I was feeling very maternal.”

Then she flew back to New York to get a check up, and “no heartbeat,” she said. “Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine…it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.” She explains that’s why she was so hush-hush about her second pregnancy with Blue Ivy, “because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

I really hope for Beyoncé and Jay-Z that this news is true (for once!), because they both seem like the most doting parents on the planet, and Baby B would make such an adorable big sis.

TELL US: Do you think it’s true Beyoncé is getting ahead with work so she can take maternity leave next year?

If Beyoncé (or YOU!) got pregnant today, when would the baby be due? Find out here!

Image of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy courtesy of I Am Beyoncé Tumblr.

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Beyoncé Is Pregnant Again! (Maybe)

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Is Beyoncé pregnant again?If you haven’t already heard the news, practically everyone on earth is buzzing that the Queen Bey herself, Beyoncé, is pregnant with her second child. She hasn’t confirmed this herself, but E! reports that “multiple sources” have “exclusively confirmed” that there’s another babe growing in that famous uterus. And recent comments she’s given about wanting another little one could imply that she really is expecting. Exciting! Blue Ivy is so freaking adorable—can you imagine if she had another baby in her family? Cute, cute, cute.

But what’s not cute is this widespread speculation over whether or not Beyoncé or any other woman, for that matter, is pregnant–heck, Jezebel even went as far as to say that Beyoncé is “officially pregnant.” (Really? I haven’t heard anything official!) I mean, yes. We’re obsessed with all things baby bump, but obsessing about the uncomfirmed contents of another woman’s uterus is . . . weird.

So, instead of playing the guessing game, we’ll just groove to some old-skool Bey and think about how cute it would be if she and Jay-Z had a “Baby Boy” one day!

What do you think? Do you think it’s anybody’s business but hers whether or not she’s pregnant? Would you be excited if Beyoncé had another baby? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Image of Beyoncé via Instagram.

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