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A ‘Bachelor’ Baby Pad: Get J.P. and Ashley’s Nursery Style!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Vanessa Antonelli, Ashley Rosenbaum and J.P. RosenbaumWhen Bachelor couple J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum visited our offices, they told us why they love their son’s name: Fordham sounds strong and, in Ashley’s words, is “setting him up for success.” The little guy’s new nursery, as it turns out, is pretty powerful as well! The couple worked with designer Vanessa Antonelli—who has also done baby rooms for Danielle and Kevin Jonas, Rosie Pope, and Kendra Wilkinson—to make a nursery in their Miami home that’s both modern and nature-inspired.

“After brainstorming with Ashley I learned that she likes both rustic and modern decor. I spent some time at the drawing board to have the two work together in a way that makes sense,” Antonelli says. “Adding in acrylic [in the crib] makes a nursery instantly feel modern. The nature-inspired colors and wood elements gave it the rustic feel she wanted and softened it up for a baby.”

The wall behind his crib is perhaps the most dramatic touch; it was an ordinary wall at the start of the project and Antonelli used Stikwood, which is made of reclaimed wood and adheres permanently to a wall surface, to transform it to look like a deep-woods lodge. (The cost of the entire wall was roughly $1,200.)

J.P. and Ashley Rosenbaum Baby Nursery


Ford sleeps in BabyLetto’s Harlow convertible crib ($600); Antonelli refinished the base to change it from gray to a warm brown. Inside is Nook’s organic Pebble Pure mattress ($395), so pretty it doesn’t even need a sheet; the cover it comes with can easily be thrown in the wash.

The glider and ottoman both came from Little Castle, where everything is customizable and chairs start at approximately $700. The Cobblestone Pillow ($59), from OiloStudio, sits on the glider. Ford’s bouncer seat, beside his crib, is Nuna’s Leaf ($220). And of course he’s got his name on the wall in big, bold letters! That’s a sign of parents who are super-excited to welcome their baby to the world. —Jessica Hartshorn

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Jessica Hartshorn is the Entertainment Editor at Parents and the Senior Lifestyle Editor at American Baby, where she is literally paid to talk about pregnancy, birth, and babies all day.


Images: Ricky Stern Photography

Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery
Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery
Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery

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Get Kourtney Kardashian’s Nursery on a Budget

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Kourtney Kardashian’s 18-month-old daughter Penelope is one lucky girl! She gets to call this pretty-in-pink palace home! Kourtney recently posted a shot of her little girl’s nursery on Instagram declaring it her “favorite room” in her home.

“I was going to go all white but I first found this pink wallpaper — it’s pink grass cloth from Ralph Lauren,” Kourt told InStyle. “I get so happy when I go into her room.” Who wouldn’t? It’s an eclectic mix of all things girly with a rose-covered ceiling and turquoise beaded chandelier hanging high above an ornate bookshelf filled with treasures, a modern crib, and colorful accents that really bring out the lattice-covered beadboard on the walls.

Here’s how you can get a similar look of your own from Shop Parents.

Splurge on a crisp white crib with modern lines, like the Oeuf Sparrow ($760), or stay more fiscally-conservative with the Childcraft Euro Crib ($218).

Snag a high-end, custom look of a tree-shaped bookcase with this budget-friendly Babyletto version ($182).

You can break the bank with a matching Madeline Weinrib rug, or you can steal the look for a fraction of the cost with the Land of Nod Crows Feet Rug ($223).

Get the same wow factor of Penelope’s tall bookcase with intricate moldings by splurging on Universal Furniture’s Gabriella Bookcase ($720) or saving with Signature Design by Carey Bookcase in Cream Cottage ($274).

For a cheaper-just-as-cute version of her Serena and Lily Senegalese storage baskets, try the Land of Nod Charming baskets instead ($45-$89 each).

Image of Penelope Kardashian’s nursery via Instagram.
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How to Create a Safe Crib
How to Create a Safe Crib
How to Create a Safe Crib

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Cortney Novogratz: Cute (& Cheap!) Nursery Design Tips

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Designing your baby’s nursery is a daunting task. You want it to look good, be safe and functional, and be a warm, cozy place that your child can grow up in. Add to that all of the other expenses that come along with having a baby, and it’s hard to figure out what’s worth splurging on and where you can cut some budget corners. Home design guru, Cortney Novogratz, knows a lot about nurseries and all of the multi-functions they need to serve as she and her partner in design and life, hubby Robert, have seven kids. Yes, seven—in New York City, where space is very hard to come by!

“First and foremost a nursery should feel happy, because there is so much joy in creating a family,” advises Cortney. “But it should also be a calm space where you and your baby can feel safe and at peace. I believe it’s important to create a place that inspires your child to dream, create, and explore.”

Here are Cortney’s tips for getting the best bang for your buck while creating a truly peaceful and personal space for your baby:

Don’t splurge on a crib. Reduce, reuse, recycle instead. “Borrow a crib from a friend or relative (or buy one used, if none of your friends are moms yet), because before you know it your baby will be ready for a real bed. And if you have the space, it’s really nice to have a daybed near the crib, so you can take a nap with your baby after they’ve kept you up all night.”

If you have space, invest in a comfy reading chair. “In the beginning you’ll be holding the baby in your arms rocking him, but pretty soon he’ll be crawling up into your lap to read a book.”

Splurge on lighting. “Kids are always growing and their tastes are changing, but one thing that will last a long time and will still look great down the road is a really beautiful light fixture. A cool statement piece will hold up even as your child grows out of other things. I love this little owl lamp by Lolli Living ($62) because it adds a touch of fun. Plus, yellow is a great color for boys and girls.” 

Don’t save your best artwork for the living room. ”You’ll spend a lot of time in the nursery, and a great art collection will inspire your children and get them excited about art!”

Space planning is important. Baby clothes are so small that you don’t necessarily need a full-size dresser. A tall skinny dresser or even a jewelry chest works great for kid’s stuff. And it’s important to make sure most items are within easy reach, because you will probably be holding a baby when you want to grab something!”  

Need a changing table? Repurpose an old dresser you already own. “All it takes is a coat of paint to transform an ugly dresser into something new and fresh. A quart of zero VOC paint will cost you $24, and will protect your family from breathing in any toxic chemicals. You’ll need a changing pad and cover for the top. I love this Land of Nod khaki and white striped cover ($35).”

Include your family. When our first son, Wolfgang, was born, my husband Robert and I collected a bunch of photos of our relatives when they were children, and created an extended family photo wall. It’s great because as your child grows, you can really start to see the resemblances to your relatives. Even when he was a baby, we could see that Wolfie would have big hands like his grandfather. This is a really great way to personalize your nursery and help your child feel connected to the family. To make it feel unique but cohesive, try using a bunch of different frames that are all the same color.”

Don’t be afraid of color. “I like to go with gender neutral colors, like greens and yellows. You don’t always have to play by the rules, though. I’ve been known to use a combination of hot pink, orange, and blue for a boy’s room and it looks great. Kids are inspired by color, so go bold!”

Little touches can make a big impact. “Removable vinyl decals are an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your nursery’s walls. I would stay away from anything too infantile. These Skip Hop alphabet letters ($20) are cute and will make a great learning tool when your baby becomes a toddler.”

Keep your baby entertained. “We love to create bright, colorful spaces, and you don’t want to neglect any part of the room. Children are like sponges and they take in every detail around them. Since babies are often lying on their backs, we like to put something interesting on the ceiling, like a bold color or striped wallpaper to keep them interested.”

Remember: Little kids don’t need their own rooms. “When my boys were little, they all slept in the same room. We had 2 twin beds and 2 cribs all lined up in a row. It was so cute, because they really bonded as a family and we would wake up to find them all snuggling together. Sometimes the older boys would even crawl into the crib with the little ones!” 

For more design inspiration, check out, the book, Home by Novogratz, and the Novogratz Holiday Collection at CB2.

Image of Cortney Novogratz courtesy of Catherine Hall/the Novogratz; product images courtesy of, Land of Nod and; room image courtesy of the Novogratz.

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DROP DEAD DIVA Star Dishes on Her On and Off-screen Pregnancy Secrets

Friday, June 21st, 2013

Drop Dead Diva PregnancyKate Levering plays the tough-as-nails, succeed-at-all-costs attorney Kim Kaswell on Drop Dead Diva, who found out at the end of last season that she’s—gasp!—pregnant. While Kim is always impeccably dressed, she’s not always the nicest. So I was relieved to find that Kate is the exact opposite of her TV alter ego. Though equally ambitious, Kate’s not at all bitchy—even when she’s allowed to be, because she’s just weeks away from giving birth (she’s due in August) and she’s filming in Hotlanta. In summertime, people!

More like a chatty best friend than someone on a hit TV show, Kate was happy to talk about all things pregnancy—including the fact that she’s due with a boy, had a fun “safari chic” baby shower, and is now in full-on nesting mode, but can’t do much about it because she’s filming in Atlanta, while her husband, Reza, and unfinished nursery are in LA!

Read on to find out how Kate’s off-screen pregnancy has influenced her on-screen one, what she thinks of everyone bashing former guest star Kim Kardashian for her pregnancy weight gain, and why she’s warding off an epidural. Yes, really!

Is it true your character, Kim, got pregnant before you did?
Yes! It’s life imitating art, but I like to say I’m just that good of an actress that the writers wrote it, and I made it happen in real life!

So you didn’t have to wear a fake belly like most actresses playing a pregnant woman?
No, in fact because our filming schedule was pushed back from February to May, I showed up way more pregnant than my character was supposed to be so I spent the first few episodes holding a lot of folders in front of my belly and sitting behind desks. I even had one emotional scene where I just sort of hugged a pillow the whole time. We had to get creative!

How is Kim pregnant: extra bitchy or has pregnancy softened her?
A little bit of both. She’s really been thrown a curve ball and she’s in denial that she’s pregnant. She’s such a workaholic and she’s not very maternal, and at times we see her about to crack, which is nice because we’ve never seen that side of her character before. So there is some vulnerability revealed as well as she gets extra bitchy to people. It’s kind of like a regular pregnancy, where you’re just all over the place!

Did being pregnant make it easy playing a future mom?
Yes, I didn’t have to try hard because I already had the waddle down and was subconsciously rubbing my belly, so it was perfect.

How has it been working such long days when being pregnant is already exhausting?
Well, I’m only doing eight episodes instead of the full 13, and the crew has tried really hard to keep me hydrated, make sure I’m not on my feet too much, or wearing heels for too long. Someone is always right there with a chair in between takes. So I can’t complain. I’ve actually had a really enjoyable, carefree pregnancy. I keep joking with my friends that I should have been way more high maintenance because now my husband thinks being pregnant is a breeze. I should have milked it!

Women take to pregnancy differently. Some feel confident and feminine. Others can’t help being self-conscious and moody thanks to the hormones. How have you been so far?
Watching my body change has made me feel the most feminine, confident and sexy I’ve ever felt. Although, now I’m getting down to the end where you can’t tie your shoes or shave your bikini line so then you start to feel not-so-sexy. But I’ve loved being pregnant. Now I’m worried that I’m going to become one of those women who’s always knocked up!

So much has been made about pregnant women in the news: Kim Kardashian was criticized for “getting too heavy,” Kate Middleton was said to be “too small.” What do you make of all the talk?
I think it’s really sad that women are being made to feel bad during what should be the most special time in their lives. I worked with Kim Kardashian on the show and she is the tiniest thing with these great curves. She didn’t look anything like Kate Middleton to begin with, so why should their pregnancies be compared? When you’re pregnant, you have no control over what happens to your body and where the weight goes, so why make women feel bad about themselves? I think that’s awful. Pregnancy should be celebrated!

What’s been the best part of expecting?
Feeling my baby kick for the first time was the most incredible emotion I’ve ever felt. Even feeling my baby kick now—all the time—that excitement never goes away.

What’s been the most surprising?
That people aren’t more willing to help you when they see that you’re pregnant. I was flying and my belly was huge, but no one offered  to put my carry-on in the overhead compartment. So next time you see a pregnant woman, if you’re not pregnant yourself, offer to help her!

Now for the big question: Epidural or no epidural?
I probably shouldn’t say this in case it doesn’t go as planned, but I’m not planning on having an epidural. I have a midwife, and I’ve read Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth. I think our culture has scared women to death when it comes to childbirth, which is something so natural and beautiful that we shouldn’t be frightened of it. But talk to me after I give birth!

Tune in Sunday, 6/23, to see Kate in all her pregnant glory (no stunt belly required!) for the fifth season premiere of Drop Dead Diva at 9 pm ET on Lifetime.

TELL US: Are you excited to see Kate’s character pregnant on Drop Dead Diva? What real-life pregnancy symptoms do you hope are played out on TV?

Image of Kate Levering courtesy of Paul Smith.

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