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Beyond Maternity Jeans! Denim Trends You’ll Love

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

maternity clothes: denim shirt dressWhen it comes to maternity clothes, I’m betting that a great pair of jeans is getting you through your pregnancy. When I was expecting my second child, I practically lived in my Old Navy denim maternity jeggings. (Affordable, forgivingly stretchy, comfortable…short of laundering themselves, I couldn’t have asked for anything more from a pair of pants.) And while stylish jeans are always a wardrobe staple—whether you’re pregnant or not—this fall, denim is an especially big trend. It’s everywhere, and in every form (yes, even acid-washed!).

From cute shirt-dresses (like the super-affordable number shown here, from Motherhood Maternity) to soft chambray tops and jean skirts, check out these stylish denim maternity clothes:

Ripe Maternity jean skirt:
maternity clothes: Denim skirt

Vince chambray shirt:
maternity clothes: Chambray shirt

See our entire Bump of Denim: Maternity Fashion slideshow for more cute picks. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy news and trends!

Maternity Jeans
Maternity Jeans
Maternity Jeans

Images: Kevin Sweeney

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A Pregnant Model Walked (and Rocked!) Chanel’s Runway

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Here’s something you don’t see every day on a high-fashion runway: a pregnant strutter.

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld sent his model muse, Ashleigh Good, down the haute couture runway in a bridal gown that clearly showed her real-life pregnancy.

Not surprisingly, the Twitterverse immediately lit up with feedback:

The @chanel #couture show featured 2 buzzy catwalkers: @KendallJenner and a pregnant bride!

— Glamour Fashion (@glamour_fashion) July 8, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld and Ashleigh Good – Finale at Chanel Fall/Winter… #fashion #model — fashionmodelsnap (@FModelSnap) July 8, 2014

Pregnant brides will be happy to know that @CHANEL is now creating maternity bridal wear: — (@Fashionista_com) July 8, 2014

Ashleigh Good 6mths pregnant walks down #Chanel #HauteCouture show with Karl in stunning gold/white #wedding gown.

— Weddingberry (@weddingberry) July 8, 2014

Lagerfeld, who isn’t exactly known for embracing body types larger than the dimensions of a typical fashion model, held hands with Good as she strutted in a dazzling white gown with rich gold accents—a look that appeared fit for royalty.

The move is bold not just because a designer chose to employ a pregnant model for a high-profile runway walk. But it also makes a statement about the variety of now-ordinary ways, once considered nontraditional or even scandalous, that brides take their own walks down the aisle. (We recently covered a study of millennial parents that showed a whopping 64 percent of them have at least one baby outside of marriage.)

Looking for maternity clothes? Find great gear here!

Sure, such wedding a gown may fall well outside the range of accessibility for most pregnant brides. But it’s easy to picture on any number of celebrities in Hollywood, who frequently set examples of marriage with—or after—baby bump.

What do you think of Chanel’s pregnant bride example?

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From the First to the Fourth Trimester
From the First to the Fourth Trimester
From the First to the Fourth Trimester

Karl Lagerfeld photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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See Which Star Outgrew Her Maternity Swimwear—Just as Summer Heats Up!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

At this late stage in my twin pregnancy, travel out of town is ancient history until after delivery. (Womp womp.)

Fortunately, the fabulously luxurious Four Seasons at Beverly Hills is even nearer to my delivery hospital than my own home, so that’s where I intend to be over the July 4 holiday weekend for a little much-needed staycation/babymoon pampering with the hubby. The whole thing will be just what my achy, swollen body needs—but there’s one key issue I need to address first: maternity swimwear.

Shop for great maternity swimsuits!

When I say it’s hard to find a great maternity swimsuit, I’m not talking about pregnant body shame. I’m talking about logistics: I’ll be 35-plus weeks pregnant with two babies on the way, and this is not a body-type category frequently addressed in the marketplace!

But difficulty finding a perfect piece of maternity swimwear is not limited to just us regular folks. Even tiny Snooki, now pregnant with her second baby, is encountering some frustration as summer heats up. She recently posted a photo to Instagram in which the pint-size star fusses with her ruffled floral one-piece swimsuit. And she captioned it, “My one piece belt doesn’t buckle over the babygirl. #pregnantproblems”

Totally relate, Snooki! For what it’s worth, despite her apparent discomfort, the star looks amazing. (Not surprising, given she’s emphasized her attention to fitness in recent interviews.)

Now if only she’d posted a shopping link for that super-cute maternity suit! I’m in the market.

Pregnant? Get ready for everything with these pregnancy checklists. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy news and trends!

Maternity Swimwear
Maternity Swimwear
Maternity Swimwear

Snooki photo courtesy of Instagram

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Pregnant Kelly Rowland Is Practicing Prenatal Yoga—In Style!

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Prior to my pregnancy, I was a crazy-active person—maybe even bordering on one of those freaky L.A. gym people who plans her day around Equinox group fitness classes and SoulCycle.

Well, it wasn’t long into my twin pregnancy that those days already seemed like distant memories, despite my best intentions to remain one of those freaky fit pregnant L.A. gym people right up until delivery. Pushing a shopping cart got me winded by week 24. And I’d done just one prenatal yoga class in my second trimester when my perinatologist kiboshed the plan—sternly saying I needed to cool it on activity, period. (It was the same day he told me I was measuring like I was carrying triplets. Charming.)

But here’s more proof that stars are not just like us: Kelly Rowland, she of killer-bod fame, is all about her prenatal yoga practice. And according to a shot she just posted on Instagram, she’s looking darn good doing it too, wearing a matching patterned black and white sports bra and yoga pants, and a totally serene meditative look with closed eyes. Go Kelly! (Get in a few poses for me too, please.)

Shop for cute maternity workout clothes!

Rowland is all about sharing pregnancy milestones with her social media followers. In fact, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram with an adorable shot of a pair of mini Jordans next to big ones, and the caption, “I’ll be stuntin’ like my daddy.” Awww, we have no doubt.

Pregnant? See how your belly will grow over the next weeks and months. And don’t forget to like Everything Pregnancy on Facebook to keep up with the very latest in pregnancy news and trends!

Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction
Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction
Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction

Kelly Rowland photo courtesy of Instagram

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Pregnant Christina Aguilera Reveals Her Baby Bump!

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Proud second-time mama-to-be Christina Aguilera posted her first pregnancy photo on Instagram and Twitter—an adorable snapshot of herself with fiancé Matt Rutler’s hand lovingly resting on her bump. The caption? “Baby loves NYC.” So cute!

Christina—who is expecting a girl—is reportedly nearing the five-month mark soon, and I remember those early months of pregnancy, where you’re showing, but your belly hasn’t fully popped, so you’re wondering, “Can people tell I’m pregnant, or do I just look like I scarfed down a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts?” Don’t worry, Christina, your beautiful glow gives it away. Pregnancy suits you!

Maternity fashion can be tough. As your breasts, belly and butt expand, you’re suddenly dressing this body you don’t even recognize. Some women embrace their bumps and wear very fitted clothes; others start stealing their hubby’s oversized sweatshirts and call it a day (No judgements!). I love that The Voice’s pop diva is still staying true to her style—only comfier—with her glam signature peep-toe pumps and ruby-red lips paired with a cotton tee shirt and leggings (a pregnant woman’s BFF).

We’ll probably be catching Christina—who is already mom to son, Max, 6—in workout gear during her pregnancy as well. Before getting pregnant, Christina went through a pretty dramatic weight loss, and got into a healthy routine, putting her on the right track to be a warm and cozy nest for her little one. So I can’t imagine she’d be dropping that routine now, knowing that diet and exercise are über-important to a baby’s development.

Regardless of what she wears, we can’t wait for the next cute bump pic!

Shop: Find fabulous, fashionable maternity wear!

TELL US: What wardrobe pieces are part of your signature maternity style?

5 Maternity Must-Haves
5 Maternity Must-Haves
5 Maternity Must-Haves

Image of Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera via Instagram.

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