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Kim Kardashian Wants An Elective Cesarean? Don’t Judge

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Kim Kardashian Elective CesareanLife & Style is reporting that Kim Kardashian is planning an elective cesarean—mostly because she’s terrified of the labor pains. For some reason, when women hear this they get up in arms, and visions of Victoria Beckham, who has been labeled “too posh to push,” dance in their heads. But why as women are we judging each other? As long as we’re not putting our babies at risk, why do you care how another woman chooses to give birth—one of the most private, sacred events in ones life?

If Kim does go through with it, she wouldn’t be the first star to choose to have an elective cesarean. Britney Spears admitted she had one because she didn’t want to go through the extreme pain of childbirth; Christina Aguilera had one because she was scared of tearing “down there”; and Kate Hudson dreaded the idea of going home and having to come back to the hospital because her contractions weren’t progressing fast enough, so she requested a c-section for convenience.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones doing it either. In a 2005 study conducted by the British Medical Journal, the number of American first-time moms who chose to deliver by cesarean—with no medical need to do so—rose by 67 percent between 1991 and 2001. As of 2009, close to 100,000 deliveries in the US were considered maternal-request cesareans and that number is thought to be on the rise.

Some women choose to have an elected cesarean because they are admittedly Type A and want to be able to plan the birth down to the last detail without any surprises that come with going into labor earlier or later than their due date; others have a great phobia of the unknown amounts of pain that come with delivering a baby naturally; more are scared that their sex lives will never be the same if things are stretched or torn during vaginal delivery.

While new guidelines by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published in March state vaginal deliveries should be the norm and early c-sections (before 39 weeks) for “big babies” (Note: ultrasounds can be wrong about weight by +/- 1.5 lbs) and “maternal-request” surgeries should be avoided, isn’t the ultimate decision the mother’s? Doctors have taken an oath, and would not allow a woman to make a decision that is going to harm her child. So why don’t we all leave the personal decision making to those actually having the babies?

TELL US: Do you think it’s wrong for Kim Kardashian to have an elected cesarean? Do you plan on having one?

Image of Kim Kardashian via Instagram.

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Is Kate Middleton’s baby bump too small? Is yours too big?

Friday, May 17th, 2013

pregnant bump kate middletonWith the countdown to Kate Middleton’s birth of a royal heir in full effect, it’s got everyone talking about what a small bump she has, and whether that will effect the baby. Keep in mind she has had severe morning sickness.

It’s almost like pregnant women just can’t win. At nearly 7 months along, in Kate’s case, some people think she’s not big enough; others feel she is what every pregnant woman should look like, which has lead to the craziness of comparing women’s bodies and openly bashing ladies who the world has for some reason deemed “too big” while pregnant (like Kim Kardashian now and Jessica Simpson with her first pregnancy).

This would not be kosher to me if they weren’t pregnant, but throw in the hormones, the pregnancy cravings, and possible conditions and complications that lead to weight gain, and it’s beyond mean.

Everyone carries pounds differently anyway, but when it comes to pregnancy weight you have no idea how it’s going to appear on your body—and where!—until you’re actually pregnant. There are the lucky women who maintain their figures with just a small bump the entire pregnancy, others who seem to gain weight all over, and some who are small and then all of a sudden “pop” during the home stretch.

When I was six months pregnant and I thought it was obvious I was pregnant, I was a bit ticked off that no one offered me and my swollen feet a seat on the subway. My close friends, who aren’t afraid to be honest with me, told me if they didn’t know what I looked like before I basically just looked like I enjoyed more than my fair share of donuts and ice cream (which I incidentally did crave!) rather than being pregnant. It was a mixed reaction from people when they found out how far along I was. I got the “You look great—you’re barely showing!” to “Shouldn’t you be bigger by now?” But once I really started showing it was immediate and in your face. Overnight, I had swallowed a basketball and the subway seats suddenly were offered to me.

Celebrities, who often have perfect bodies to begin with, can look drastically different while pregnant too. See how these two stars compare to the Duchess of Cambridge, then share photos of yourself while pregnant on the Everything Pregnancy Facebook page!

pregnant baby bump

Kate Middleton

baby bump

Kate Hudson

pregnancy bump

Vanessa Lachey

Tell us: Whose bump looks most like yours: The Duchess, Kate Hudson, or Vanessa Lachey?

Images of Kate Middleton, Kate Hudson , and Vanessa Lachey courtesy of Shutterstock. 

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