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Christina Aguilera’s Pregnancy Weight Struggle

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Pop star Christina Aguilera went through a very public weight gain and weight loss last season on The Voice—recently dropping a whopping 35 pounds. While she is thrilled to be pregnant with a sibling for son, Max, 6, Life & Style is reporting that newly engaged Christina’s not so happy about gaining pregnancy weight after working so hard on her diet and exercise to shed her unwanted pounds. But whether she likes it or not, her newly svelte body is about to get curvy. It’s nature, baby!

Christina has always maintained that she loves her body at every size (as does fiancé Matt Rutler!), and that it’s important for women to be comfortable in their own skin—no matter what. Amen! But the media often makes that hard on women in general, and especially on pregnant women (Remember just weeks ago when Chris Hemsworth’s actress wife Elsa Pataky was fat-shamed on the Oscars red carpet?).

When you suddenly have a new body you don’t recognize in the mirror, it can be a shock, and you may even need an adjustment period to get used to the woman who is looking back at you. Your favorite clothes suddenly don’t fit, and as Kristin Cavallari recently admitted, when you’re pregnant “you can just feel gross.” On the flip side, though, you can feel the most beautiful and feminine you ever have with glowing skin and flowing locks. You are a baby-making goddess after all!

No woman can predict how she’s going to feel—or look—while pregnant. While one mama-to-be may be psyched to suddenly have a top-shelf rack, another may hate her pregnancy breasts (like Jamie-Lynn Sigler did). And the same goes for your butt. You may love the bodacious curves you get, or you may feel like you aren’t ready for that jelly. And that’s ok. There is an end to it all, and you will get your pre-pregnancy body back at some point (though it may forever look a tiny bit different).

When pregnant with son Max back in 2007, Christina gained 40 pounds while pregnant (that’s a little more than the recommended 25 to 35-pound pregnancy weight gain—but, hey, Beyoncé gained 65 pounds and look at her now!). So to insure she doesn’t gain too much this time around, Christina has reportedly hired a team of nutritionists and trainers to keep her on a super-healthy pregnancy path. Um, must be nice!

For the rest of us who can’t afford all of that, the best thing to do is to continue working out through your pregnancy (unless your doctor advises against it, of course). Regular exercise can fight against gestational diabetes, routine pregnancy aches and pains, and even mood swings. And bonus: A recent study says working out while pregnant can even make your baby smarter!

TELL US: What are your best tips for staying fit while pregnant?

How much weight is healthy for you to gain during your pregnancy? Use our calculator to find out!

Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need
Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need
Weight and Pregnancy: Gain Only What You Need

Image of Christina Aguilera via Twitter.

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Celeb Pregnancy Cravings Quiz!

Friday, May 24th, 2013

celebrity pregnancy cravings quizWhen you’re pregnant a voracious appetite suddenly comes over you, and whatever food pops into your mind, you must have at that very second. This can lead to lots of late night take-out, trips to the grocery store, and midnight snacks straight out of the container (there is no time for plates and bowls when you get a craving!).

Whether you’re a sweet or salty girl, or you need a sour or spicy fix, there is a star with a baby on the way that you can identify with. Take our celebrity pregnancy cravings quiz and see if you know what your fave celeb mamas are munching on!

1. This actress-dancer, who’s married to one magical guy, has been known to step up to the plate for spicy Mexican food.

2. Surprisingly, this sexy singer isn’t chowing down on black eyed peas. Instead, she just can’t get enough of the sweet, juicy stuff like mangos and papayas.

3. It’s not kiwis, kabobs or ketchup that this reality star wants—she can’t resist the lure of In ‘N’ Out Burger!

4. This brunette beauty has a royal craving for vegetable curry.

5. Now that she’s pregnant, this star always has an entourage of two as she picks up her must-have meal: a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

6. A double-salted bagel with cream cheese trumps all other cravings for this native New Yorker.

7. She’s not acting—this blonde babe would actually travel across the universe for pickled onions.

8. This lady knows that when you’ve got a good thing, you want more. For her that thing is Pop Tarts.


Pregnant Kate Middleton pregnancy cravingsa)    Kate Middleton

Hillary Scott Lady Antebellum pregnancy cravingsb)   Hillary Scot

Jenna Dewan-Tatum pregnant cravingsc)    Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Evan Rachel Wood pregnancy cravingsd)   Evan Rachel Wood

Pregnant Kim Kardashian pregnancy cravingse)    Kim Kardashian

Pregnant Ivanka Trump pregnancy cravingsf)     Ivanka Trump

Fergie Pregnant Cravingsg)    Fergie

Pregnant Jamie-Lynn Sigler pregnancy cravingsh)   Jamie-Lynn Sigler

THE ANSWERS! 1. c, 2. g, 3. e, 4. a, 5. h, 6. f, 7. d, 8. b

Tell Us: What are your pregnancy cravings? What’s the craziest thing you or your guy has done to fill one of your cravings?

Images of pregnancy cravings, Kate Middleton, Hillary Scott, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Evan Rachel Wood, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, Fergie and Jamie-Lynn Sigler courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Pregnancy Breasts: Pregnant Jamie-Lynn Sigler Hates Hers!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

pregnancy breastsPregnancy breasts: a miracle or a curse? That’s the big question. Everyone knows that your chest gets huge when you’re pregnant and nursing. Bigger breasts sound great in theory, but you can’t really prepare for how you’re going to react to your new breasts until your fun bags fully inflate.

When former Entourage and Guys with Kids star Jamie-Lynn Sigler was recently on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, she confided in chatty talk show host Andy Cohen that all of the physical changes that come with pregnancy aren’t a breeze. “It’s hard being pregnant! Your body does change; my boobs have quadrupled in size!” Jamie-Lynn said. Sing it, sister!

Christina Aguilera reportedly went up to an E cup when she was pregnant with son Max, and Kim Kardashian has been estimated at a G (maybe by the time she gives birth she’ll be a K!). Most women will go up two cup sizes during a pregnancy—and your breasts alone account for two pounds (!) of your weight gain.

I was a B cup on a good day pre-pregnancy. I was never one of those people who secretly wished they had bigger breasts, though. I’m very introspective, so I had thought a lot about this. I was happy they weren’t overly bouncy, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry too much about sagging later in life. I was content.

Then, within just a few weeks of being pregnant, my cup size grew and I had real cleavage no matter what sort of bra I wore (no push-up required!). By early in my second trimester I was the proud owner of D cups. And I say proud, because I admit something changed in me. I’m a little ashamed to say it, but I noticed I was walking with more confidence and feeling more feminine with my pregnancy breasts. It felt good.

Of course, it might not have been because of some inner desire to have bigger boobs. It could have just been that I no longer felt like I had to live up to some beauty expectation, and I was free to let my belly hang out without the need for Spanx or sucking it in. I was pregnant; I had an excuse! Add to that the ever-so-wonderful burst of oxytocin—the natural feel good drug your body starts producing in your first trimester that increases as your pregnancy goes on (Oxytocin is also released when you’re not pregnant, and you get a hug, kiss or caress).

My husband is way too diplomatic to say whether he liked the change in my upper deck, but I soon realized that these new-found tatas were not all they were cracked up to be. They contributed to my growing back pain. They were constantly sore, sometimes throbbing. My areolae (the area around your nipples) had grown to the size of sand dollars, and they had turned into a dark mocha color. I was already sagging! I had to buy all new bras (BTW, why are they so expensive!). As I was getting closer and closer to labor day, my breasts even started leaking. I know it was my body getting ready to breastfeed, which is a beautiful thing, but at the time I was turning each shirt into a wet mess all I could think was, “Ew!” As a friend of mine put it, it was like having a gift that you couldn’t fully enjoy!

So I completely understand Jamie-Lynn’s frustration with her newfound pregnancy breasts. Just know that they will eventually go back down, and everything will return to normal. Though, they may be a slightly different normal!

Learn more about how your body changes week-to-week right here!

Tell us: Are you excited to have “pregnancy breasts”? Or are they just a hassle? Share your stories in the comment section below.

Image of Jamie-Lynn Sigler courtesy of Shutterstock.

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