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Sweetest Baby Shower Activity Ever

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

baby shower activityWho here loves a baby shower? Who here’s looking forward to her own baby shower? If you fall into either camp, read on for the most heartfelt baby shower activity (at least according to me!).

I admit I’m a sentimental softie and that’s why I love it when baby showers incorporate personal touches. So I was really excited to see that Heather Morris’ friends designed onesies for the Glee star’s upcoming bundle of joy during her summer shower.

It lets your pals get creative and you and your little one get a one-of-a-kind gift. When Heather’s friends were done designing their mini masterpieces, they were hung from a clothing line by cute clothespins, adding to the party’s decor (gossipy sidenote: since there are blue, pink and yellow clothespins, I’m guessing Heather’s waiting till she gives birth to find out the sex of her baby!).

For my shower, my friends did something similar, and everyone designed bibs using waterproof markers, so they’re safe to wash without erasing the doodles. I received tons of amazing gifts at my baby shower, but the handmade bibs are what I will forever cherish (scroll down to see some of them).

I highly recommend adding a creative baby shower activity to your day, or urging a friend to get one going for you. Other great ideas include making decorations for the nursery together in whatever color or theme you’ve selected (this could be customized picture frames, wall hangings, or pillows), each guest writing a hand-written note to the baby on what the baby means to them and what they hope s/he will achieve in life, and for super-crafty types knitting a small square of fabric that can be put together to make a customized blankie for the baby. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some of my favorite bib designs from my shower:

bib making trend

bib design

Bib making party

Bib-making party

bib-making party

Montauk bib

For more fab baby shower ideas, go here.

TELL US: What are some of the creative personal touches you’ve incorporated into your shower? What are your favorite baby shower activities?

Image of onesie via Instagram.

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Was Glee’s Heather Morris Struck By “Pregnancy Brain?”

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Glee Heather Morris Pregnancy Brain Pregnant CelebrityTrue to her beyond-ditzy character, Brittany, on Glee, when it came time for Heather Morris to share her baby news with her cast mates, she came down with a bad case of pregnancy brain. Costar Matthew Morrison, who plays teacher Mr. Schuester on the show, tells BANG Showbiz, “It’s funny, when she told me—I think I was one of the first people—she whispered in my ear, ‘I’m 13 months pregnant’, and I was like, ‘Months?’ and she said, ‘I mean 13 weeks!’”

Don’t make fun of her, because you’ll realize soon enough, if you haven’t already, that when you’re pregnant the strangest things come out of your mouth—if you can even find the words at all. It’s not that you become stupid, or that your IQ drops or anything—it’s just that the strangest things seem to misfire in your head. When I was pregnant, I’d mix up people’s names, use the wrong word in a sentence, and my brain would constantly go blank mid-thought and I’d forget what I was talking about all together. It was the most bizarre feeling—my mind and my mouth just wouldn’t match up!

I interviewed Heather in 2011 for her cover story in Fitness magazine, and the smart woman I met is anything but the airhead she plays on TV (though she’s just as funny and as good at delivering one-liners as her alter ego). I truly think she’s going to be a great mom, because even then all she talked about was how she wanted to start a family with her boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, a former baseball player for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

I wish her the best. I think she’ll have no problems adjusting to mommyhood. She’s already an awesome aunt (She showed me pictures of her adorable nieces on her iPhone—she was so proud!). So my only advice to her is to not be too hard on herself because if she’s anything like I was, I’m sure that gaffe won’t be the last case of pregnancy brain before she gives birth. She’s reportedly due this October—just in time for season five of Glee.

Tell us: Have you had a case of pregnancy brain? What’s the funniest thing you’ve said?

Image of Heather Morris courtesy of Shutterstock.

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