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Pregnancy Miracle Foods? Maybe!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

When you’re pregnant, a big chunk of your time is consumed with thoughts of food. Pregnancy food cravings are intense (sweet, salty, spicy, sour—and sometimes you want all four of them at once!). Then there’s the list of things you should and shouldn’t eat when you’re expecting that can really start to freak you out—especially if you’re a first-time mama who wants to make sure she’s doing everything right. But it’s hard to know exactly what to do when there are always new studies coming out that debunk everything you’ve read in the past (the latest is that eating fish while pregnant probably isn’t a huge mercury risk after all).

Well now a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition says that eating garlic in the early stages of pregnancy reduces the risk of premature birth by 30 percent, and eating raisins and other dried fruits towards the end of pregnancy also contributes to women having full-term births. The researchers at Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska University Hospital studied 20,000 pregnant women’s diets to come to these conclusions about foods that help prevent premature births.

But you have to take these findings with a grain of salt because the researchers say that more studies on the subject are necessary before they encourage all pregnant women to change their dietary habits since at this point they’re not sure why garlic and dried fruits would have any effect on a woman’s gestational length. So no need to buy the possible super foods in bulk just yet, but if you already like eating garlic and dried fruit there’s certainly no harm in beefing up your intake, don’t you think?

TELL US: In light of these findings, will you add garlic and dried fruits to your pregnancy diet?

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World’s Most Impressive Pregnancy Cravings Food Run

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Food Cravings to Eat When You're PregnantEven though I’m sure your honey is awesome at being woken up in the middle of the night to satisfy yet another one of your pregnancy cravings, Yin Yong in Chongqing, China, wins the prize for most devoted husband. When he woke up at 2 am and saw that his two-story home had been flooded, and his kitchen was underwater, he swam 500 meters across a flooded river (That’s Michael Phelps-level swimming—five laps in an Olympic-size pool!) to find hot rice and salted vegetables for his 5-month-pregnant wife. Roundtrip it took him one hour of swimming, and on the return trip he was carrying a tray filled with food over his head to ensure nothing got soggy. Talk about a workout!

Pregnant women know that pregnancy cravings are no joke. They can strike at any hour of the day, and can range from sweet to savory to spicy and tart. Or you might even want all of those taste sensations at once—and that’s your prerogative!

I know I was craving donuts one minute and salt & vinegar potato chips the next, and I wanted to wash it all down with something spicy, so I’d add sriracha to a Ziploc bag full of chips and shake it up, Mexican street food-style.

It’s up to the poor guys in our lives’ to fill every last craving no matter how weird or how late it is, because you do not want to evoke the wrath of a pregnant woman in need of an ice cream-dipped pickle! (Cue images of Khaleesi’s fire-breathing dragons on Game of Thrones.)

Now test your celebrity pregnancy cravings knowledge of what Kate Middleton, Fergie and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are craving here in our fun pregnancy cravings quiz.

TELL US: What has been your craziest pregnancy craving you’ve sent your partner out to find?

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