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Mila Kunis’ Pregnancy Workout? Prenatal Yoga!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Pregnant Mila Kunis stepped out for a yoga class on May 1, just as a study out of Manchester University suggests taking up yoga in pregnancy can ease stress—and reduce women’s fear of childbirth. Apaprently, taking just one prenatal yoga class can cut anxiety in moms-to-be by a third!

Anxiety can be at an all-time high for first-time pregnant women, like Mila. You’re so excited to have this adorable little being inside you (in Mila’s case, a girl!), and you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep that peanut as healthy as possible. That can lead to stress about what you’re eating, how much you’re eating, what you shouldn’t be eating, how much sleep you’re getting…the list could go on and on.

The good news: Research has determined that working out with a baby onboard has oodles of benefits beside just stress relief. All of that core work from yoga can make giving birth easier and ease some of your overtaxed body’s pains. Keeping your weight down while being pregnant can help to prevent your child from being obese in later years, and some scientific evidence says your physical activity now can even make your baby smarter because when you work out for just 20 minutes three times a week, the baby is getting more oxygen and blood, leading to excelled brain development.

Mila’s not the only pregnant celebrity to swear by prenatal yoga. Recent mamas Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr all made a point to practice yoga while pregnant, too!

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TELL US: Have you been taking prenatal yoga? 

Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction
Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction
Prenatal Yoga: An Introduction

Image of Mila Kunis courtesy of Feature Flash/Shutterstock.

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Golden Globes Recap: Baby Bumps Ruled the Red Carpet!

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Yes, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were hilarious as the hosts of the Golden Globes. Yes, the always glam Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams all won coveted best actress trophies (best supporting for JLaw), but if you ask

me it was really the pregnant presenters who stole the show! Olivia Wilde stunned in a long-sleeved, emerald-green sequined Gucci gown, which she paired with an Emm Kuo clutch and Forevermark diamonds. While we were all oohing and awing over her, the self-deprecating star admitted, “Until about a week ago, I just looked fat!” she said. “I wanted to be like, ‘I’m not fat, I’m pregnant!’” (Um, I think we’ve all been there at one time or another!)

The soon-to-be first-time mom was absolutely giddy about all things baby. Not only did the loose-lipped star reveal she and fiancé Jason Sudeikis are having a boy (who was kicking her all the way down the red carpet!), but during an interview with Ryan Seacrest Olivia also spilled her son’s due date. The Star Wars fan says it’s easy for her to remember. All she has to say is, “May the fourth be with you.” That’s right—May 4—just one week before Mother’s Day. What a fab early Mom’s Day present!

But she wasn’t the only bumpilicious beauty of the night. The always perfectly-styled Kerry Washington did not disappoint her fashion fans. Decked out in a custom-made white Balenciaga gown, matching Balenciaga clutch, open-toed Casadei shoes and Fred Leighton jewels, she proudly announced, “I have the best date of the night, my little accessory here,” as she touched her growing belly.

And Drew Barrymore, who is pregnant with baby #2 and is due in late March/early April, wore a lovely Monique Lhuillier gown covered in floral appliqués, red Roger Vivier shoes, a sparkly Edie Parker clutch and jewelry by Chanel. She couldn’t thank her dress designer enough. “She’s making a pregnant lady feel really good right now,” Barrymore told E!  She then explained to People why she chose the dress in the first place, “It’s hearts and flowers and pink, all of my favorite things. When I saw it, I said, ‘It’s perfect.’ It’s comfortable and it’s easy—two very important things when you’re pregnant!”

Olivia, Kerry and Drew were looking so gorgeous that women were even commenting that they wanted to get pregnant just so they could look as beautiful as these ladies with their full, flowing locks and natural glows. It doesn’t get much better than that!

TELL US: Which pregnant star did you think rocked her bump the best?

Image of Olivia Wilde courtesy of People’s Twitter; Kerry Washington and Drew Barrymore via Instagram.

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Trying to Conceive: 5 Little Signs You're Ovulating
Trying to Conceive: 5 Little Signs You're Ovulating
Trying to Conceive: 5 Little Signs You're Ovulating

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Pregnant Drew Barrymore’s Awesome Body Image

Monday, November 18th, 2013

As women, we’re hard enough on ourselves as it is. Being pregnant—when we should be in total bliss—can make it even harder. Instead of focusing on how amazing it is that we’re bringing a baby into this world, it’s easy to concentrate more on the little annoyances that come along with the baby, like having none of our favorite clothes fit anymore! Yes, your belly and your butt are now out to there. Big deal, says Drew Barrymore! “You’re not supposed to look perfect while you’re making babies—making babies is the perfection,” the oh-so-wise Drew told Women’s Health. “There’s just no such thing as perfection. So if you’re trying to get there, you’re just torturing yourself.”

Take it from Drew (whose pregnant with a sibling for 13-month-old daughter, Olive), and don’t beat yourself up when you’re having an ugly day (we all have them!). You may get pregnancy acne or the frizzies, feel bloated, or not know how to dress this new body of yours. When that happens, remind yourself that you’re a mom-to-be and that’s a very beautiful thing.

Actress and entrepreneur Drew wears many hats, but she feels that being a mom is her most important job ever. “Being a mom is first,” she says. “That’s now No. 1.” For many women, that’s how it is as soon as they find out their pregnant . But before he or she arrives, take time out for yourself and do some pampering—you’re worth it. The happier and healthier you are, the happier and healthier you’re baby on board will be. If a new haircut or new outfit is what it takes to make you feel better, go for it! It may seem a little superficial, but trust me (and Drew), self-esteem goes a long way to get you through your pregnancy!

TELL US: Do you have any self-esteem boosting tips for other moms-to-be?

Image of Drew Barrymore courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Drew Barrymore Reveals Why She Went Public With Pregnancy #2

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Just last month, Drew Barrymore confessed she couldn’t wait to give baby Olive a little brother or sister. Yesterday her publicist confirmed the happy news that she was in fact pregnant—and adding to her family with husband Will Kopelman. Her confirmation came as quite a surprise considering she kept quiet about her first pregnancy, and never actually confirmed she was pregnant until she had her daughter Olive 13 months ago.

So why the change of heart this time around? Drew tells People, “Last time I never commented on it and people just stalked me the entire time,” says the mom-to-be. “So yes, it’s happening, it’s true. I tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible.”

Drew sees her second child as a gift to daughter Olive, ensuring she won’t be an only child, like Drew, which she’s described as “lonely.”

Drew says she will always remember the day she found out she was pregnant with her second as a miracle.“I was overjoyed,” she says. “It feels so surreal. It’s incredible, that sort of here-we-go-again feeling. I’m blessed. Blessed!”

I couldn’t be happier for Drew!

TELL US: Send your congratulatory messages to Drew in the comments section.

Image of Drew Barrymore courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Another Baby On the Way For Drew Barrymore?

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Let the bump watch begin! She may not be pregnant yet, but Drew Barrymore would like to change that—stat. While on The Tonight Show, the most lovable actress in Hollywood told Jay Leno that she would like to give 1-year-old daughter Olive siblings “very much, right away.” She explained why in a recent InStyle cover story. “I was an only child, and it was lonely,” she told the magazine. “Some people love it and thrive on the independence, but I want my kids to have other kids around, so they can run around life together, roll their eyes at their parents together like Rusty and Audrey Griswold from [National Lampoon'sVacation.”

Well, one thing is for sure: However many kids Drew has with hubby Will Kopelman, they will all be lucky to have the super-cool triple threat (actress, producer and director) as a mom. Drew—who calls motherhood “a lot of pride and a lot of nervousness”—described herself to Harper’s Bazaar as “a real stay-at-home mom. I’m really hands-on. [After having Olive] everything else became secondary.”

Everything Drew does, she does big. She likes wine; she turned it into a business, producing Barrymore Pinot Grigio. She loves makeup; she now has her own line, Flower Beauty. And I’m guessing Drew loves kids more than both of those things put together, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up having a whole roller derby team (yes, that was a Whip It reference! Best. Drew Barrymore Movie. Ever. After Never Been Kissed, and just before the Charlie’s Angels movies.)

TELL US: How long did you wait after your first baby before trying for a second?

Image of Drew Barrymorecourtesy of Shutterstock

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